10 Actionable Content Marketing Tips for 2017

If you’re a part of any business in 2017 and you are trying to market it, you most certainly need to know the importance of content. There are plenty of effective ways to use content to market small businesses in different industries. But most of these ways have certain hacks which ensure that the content which finally goes out in the market for your business, is not only high quality but also interesting and engaging.

Promote the Blog Content on Facebook, but intelligently

If you’re going to create a standalone blog for your business, you probably would also want to have a Facebook page to drive traffic to both your blog and website. The most popular social media platform can help you promote your content and grow your audience, if you use effective tactics and ensure to use these tactics in your content creation and marketing.

Have a Unique Social Media Strategy

There are also some lesser-known ways you can promote your business on social media. One of them is to have a unique social media strategy. In the environment of so much noise around you, it is extremely important that your content and strategy creates a distinct image for itself. Hence, refer to all tactics available in the sphere but ensure you create your own strategy at the end which is customized to your offering.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks with SEO Tactics

Not every marketing tactic you try is going to be a sure thing. In fact, some can be rather risky, but also offer potentially high rewards. Hence make sure you always take a calculated risk with whatever you try with SEO tactics.

Consider the Technical Benefits of Content Marketing

Of course you should create quality content because it’s great for your readers. But there are also technical reasons why quality content can help your website and online business succeed. It helps you build trust for your offering within the users who see your content as a reflection of the quality of your offering.

Prioritize Customer Segments Quickly

When creating content or other marketing materials, it can help to know exactly which customers you’re talking to. And that’s where customer segmentation comes in. This makes sure that the content you create is contextual and apt for the relevant consumer segment and people do not lose interest midway because of lack of connect with the content.

Outsource Talent on a Budget

When you want to outsource any of your business’s operations, whether it’s creating content or some other function, it’s important to keep your budget in mind. But make sure that you do not compromise on quality because of the budget. A good price-value relationship is what you must look for, while outsourcing content creation.

Take Time to Think Through Your Tactics

Social media is an essential part of any content strategy. But with all of the different platforms and methods out there, it can be difficult for small businesses to navigate. Hence it is important that you take some time to analyse the tactics that you ideate, check their ease of implementation and also their effectiveness

Remember to Share Who You Are

Creating content isn’t only about showing the value of your offerings to customers. It can also help people get to know you and your business. Hence, make sure that you have certain introductory elements of your content, embedded in the content.

Learn to Make Testimonials More Persuasive

When you think of content marketing, testimonials might not immediately come to mind. But they can certainly help you boost your reputation and share valuable information with potential customers. New users or readers generally look for sources confirming the quality or content that you offer. In such a case, testimonials are a sure shot proof of quality and satisfaction of past consumers. This drives higher closing power and also generates a positive vibe about you

When Using Keywords, Don’t Forget the Metrics

Keywords can help you make your content more visible to potential customers online. But you need methods for actually measuring the effectiveness of those keywords. There are various services which help you analyse the effectiveness of keywords and also help in suggesting the words that you must use to maximise impact. Hence it makes more sense to take help from such experts to ensure that the content which goes out the first time is the best possible in quality and effectiveness.


Hence, these are the tactics which would ensure that the content marketing that you pursue is not only high in quality but also in effectiveness and engages the target consumer to drive them to closing or the purchase and transaction you want them to make. We also suggest that you tweak this tips according to the nature of content and context best applicable to you.

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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