13 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is The Next Big Thing

Why Is Online Video Marketing Becoming so Important to Marketers?

Over recent years, the concept of video marketing has reached a new level that can be seen in growing numbers and technological developments; it is no doubt that the use of video to advertise goods or services has become the most important and effective medium to marketers. Why, you may ask? Because video tells a better story than text. There are many reasons why online video marketing is an effective tool for your brand; here’s a few:


  • The Attention Span of Consumers

The Internet attention span of Internet users is going down each year, with users becoming more willing to watch a video than concentrate on reading a large block of text. Videos do the work for consumers, while conveying the same message a text piece would. Depending on how strong your video is, you would be able to hold an audience member’s attention longer than simple articles.

  • Videos are More Engaging

While reading text can provide valuable information, videos connect to consumers on a much more emotional level. Not only are videos easy to digest, but they also interact with their audience far more than plain text.  They engage users with strong visuals and audio, indirectly communicating information on a closer, personal level.

  • Video Marketing Can Attract Large Amounts of New Viewers

With hundreds of various video uploading sites online, millions of people are exposed to videos daily. The more networked your video is to all of these websites, the greater the chance that your website traffic and brand exposure will increase. Websites like YouTube receive 4 billion views a day, making it the ultimate way to generate traffic and raise awareness.

  • Video Sharing has Become a Popular Activity

The simplicity of sharing a video online allows a consumer who favors your product to share and spread your video content around the web. This will lead to great exposure and will expose your products to your target market, with the simple click of a mouse.

  • Hard to Miss

While text is easy to scroll by, video grabs attention far more effectively. Once it starts playing, it is hard to ignore a video; it is too tempting to click.

  • Develops Trust

Video creates trust and confidence for your brand because viewers can follow your activities on video rather than just text. It also allows the consumer to associate your brand with a specific face, product or idea.

The reality of today’s consumer attention span is that they won’t wait, and don’t want to have to think. There is merely a split second before the user decides to stay on the website or leave it. This is where the use of video comes in handy. Having videos on your homepage and around your website will keep your consumers there longer, and decrease bounce rates.  Video will also increase the interactivity of your website, providing a much more engaging experience for the viewers.

On top of being very engaging, video is also very affordable. A well-planned out 1-2 minute content marketing video can have just as strong an impact as a traditional TV commercial or a bunch of printed materials. This is an important factor to consider when planning out your promotional budget.

With the growing statistics of online video marketing, it is becoming nearly impossible for businesses to ignore or neglect this amazing marketing opportunity. In the upcoming years, video marketing is going to get even more compulsory, and will become a defining factor in building your brand credibility and promoting your products. Take time to experiment with video, and determine an effective strategy to gain traffic and expose your brand; you won’t regret it.


 & Tanya Mykhaylova

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