14 SEO Practices for E-Commerce sites

Do you know that e-commerce websites have their own set of dares and defy when it’s about SEO? Well, if you are an owner of an e-commerce website, then I’m pretty sure you do. Even though all sites are meant for its visitors, an e-commerce website is made and maintained exclusively for its potential customers and sales.

Boost the ranking and position of your E-Commerce site with these 14 SEO Practices!

So, your website is splendid with all the lures including the fine points and remarkable graphics! Still, if you want potential customers, you must optimize your website for the search engines. At the end of the day, search engines can carry around 70%* of visitors to your website. The greater your site ranks in the search engines, the more is the likelihood of it being noticed by probable customers. Now, how can you get your website to that high position? By all means, the answer is, through effective search engine optimization.

As an e-commerce website owner, you can put a few elements into practice that will lift your propensity to attain higher ranks. On the way to create an up-and-coming E-Commerce store, you must make a venture in marketing, and definitely, in SEO. Nevertheless, you’ll have to begin from the ground up. So, what are the paramount SEO practices for online e-commerce stores you must follow to get ahead of your competitors? Take a look!

Practice #1: Craft targeted, compelling page titles

Crafting targeted and persuasive page titles is the most significant component to boost your ranks. This, in fact, is the principal thing that catches the searchers’ attention when they look at the search results of Google. So, use it intelligently together for human as well as robots.

Practice #2: Use long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are extremely targeted keywords that take account of three or more words. Google searchers who hunt for long tail keywords generally know what they are probing for. As a result, if you optimize your product page with long tail keywords, you have a better prospect of enticing visitors and converting them into sales.

Practice #3: Create convincing product descriptions

Don’t do the same blunder that almost every E-Commerce website owner does. Yes, I am talking about using same old company’s product descriptions. Google consider this to be an instance of copied content that may perhaps draw forfeits. With product descriptions, in fact, you can have an opportunity to create unique, edifying and compelling sales copy that may improve your overall sales and conversion rates.

Practice #4: Build internal links

One more great way to boost search engine rankings of your e-commerce website is to build your internal links. This will not just let you link your relevant content. As a matter of fact, this will assist search engines to simply crawl and index your website content. Therefrom, you can boost your website’s visibility.

Practice #5: Create backlinks

Google will rank your website well if it discovers links to your website on other significant websites. These significant websites must be relevant and have to reasonably connect to your product. In the same manner, as if I sell branded shoes, then I’ll make every effort to have shoe and footwear websites and blogs link to my e-commerce website. A different technique to acquire the backlinks is by way of providing feedback and comments on supplementary pertinent blogs. Undoubtedly, this is also a cool way to stay conversant with the hottest business news, inventions, and whatever. Furthermore, it is a flawless way to develop associations and interactions with others in parallel lines of work.

Practice #6: Engage with followers 

This is another great way to boost the ranking of your online e-commerce store. Getting tied up with your followers would support you in constructing a healthy relationship with your shoppers. In this way, you can invite them to your website over and over (traffic repeat rate).

Practice #7: Include customer reviews

Some reports assess that product pages with customer reviews are efficacious in converting nearly 58% more customers. This way, they let you upturn your profits by approximately 62%. Customer reviews not just let you establish trustworthiness while working as a social evidence for would-be shoppers. In fact, product pages including customer reviews rank better as search engines reward webpages that are regularly updated with matchless content.

Practice #8: Optimize page load speed

If your website pages won’t load within 3 seconds, then at least 40% of potential customers will leave your website. In essence, about 80% of your visitors won’t return to your website if they are dissatisfied by your page load speed. You can optimize your page load speed by using lazy loading, fixing coding matters or compressing product images.

Practice #9: Optimize your images 

You must use striking and high-definition but optimized pictures. Furthermore, you must pay special consideration to alternative text, image file names in addition to the enclosed text. Taking these points into account, you can boost the overall traffic that you obtain by means of Image Search.

Practice #10: Integrate social media on your product pages

Search Engine rankings play a chief role in impelling the value and amount of social media signals as they reveal a webpage’s germaneness. I advise you to incorporate social sharing buttons for standard social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so forth to your product pages. This would permit your visitors and clients to share product info with other prospective customers.

Practice #11: Write appealing metadata

Your product pages demand inimitable and captivating Meta titles and descriptions integrating general keywords to upturn its prominence. This is one of the most critical features of on-page optimization. It is significant to note that metadata is typically the principal thing your prospective customers come across while searching on a search engine. As a deduction, it would be preeminent to offer a convincing copy of product description to your would-be customers that encourage them to buy the product.

Practice #12: Control bot access 

Make certain that Google spiders can’t access more than a few e-commerce functions including the following by way of the robots.txt file.

  • Add to wish list
  • Add to Basket
  • Complete purchase

Practice #13: Add rich snippets

Rich snippets are an extra piece of info issued in the search results. These may take account of the product ratings, reviews… and on and on. These snippets offer specifics about the e-commerce website that assist online users better comprehend what to expect. How do they impact SEO? Whether rich snippets impact SEO or not is yet an arguable topic. However, they certainly impact clicks to your online store that infers additional visitors, showing that it is applicable to the search made on the search engines. Thus and so, it helps you boost the ranking.

Practice #14: Breadcrumb Trail

Breadcrumb Trail is another significant SEO and usability feature that can be incorporated into your website. This would appear to be something like this:

Home > Women Hand Bags > Designer Bags

The Breadcrumb Trail assists the visitors to understand where they’ve been. However, do you see what else is it performing? Well, it’s producing kind of long-tail key phrases. As the visitors of your website click through this navigation, they follow a stream of keywords.

So… What’s next?

It takes a lot of time and in-depth preparation to develop an e-commerce website with content that’s actually concocted to rank high on Google. Yet, if you give due thoroughness to the guidelines above, you’ll discover that success comes way cooler. Employing these 14 SEO practices for your online e-commerce store would let you stand at the top charts of Google search results. In spite of the sure and shot success these tips will let you attain, these are certainly not the only practices to look after. If you desire to stand taller than your competitors, you will have to sort out an incessant effort. All the instructions specified above are verified for value and are capable of boosting your website traffic. Always hark back to one thing — Absorb all the effective ways relentlessly and combine the tactics to rule Google’s first page. Now, that we have debated a lot about methodical tips, bear in mind that — all systems are created for human, so treat your customers as human and perform search engine optimization for humans.

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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