14 SEO Features that can Improve your Product Page Ranking

The increasing trend of online shopping is becoming popular as each and every product you wish to buy is just at a click of the mouse button. But, this has also created some healthy competition as the demands of consumers are also increasing exponentially. Hence, you need to look for ways which can help you to survive in this competitive scenario. At the end, you need to improve your page ranking and it’s the only thing that matters. Here are some SEO features which can help you to improve your page ranking.

1. Use Descriptive SEO friendly URL’s for Describing Product:

What you need to keep in mind is that your URL need to be short, crisp and precise. Use simple and short URL’s and avoid using unnecessary content details which are useless for the consumers. It is advisable that you use good keywords describing about the product elaborately so that your website ranks in top results in search engines. Many a times URL breaks which can show error 404.


2. Make your Title Tag relatable with the Product and optimize it for Keywords:

Title tag is an integral part in search engine ranking and hence always make sure that your title tag which can be easily optimized. Also, a perfect title tag would cover aspects like including keywords. It should aptly cite Product Name, Brand Name and Specifications of the product.B ut always remember that you shouldn’t use duplicate words and important keywords should be mentioned in less than 65 characters.


3. Ensure that the Page is Mobile Friendly:

Most customers now-a-days use mobiles for transactions as they are more handy. Hence, your site should be adaptable to respond to mobile devices . Did you know that 50 percent of the customers use mobile phone for internet shopping? I am sure that you cannot afford to lose half of your customers. Also, mobile friendly websites ensure higher ranking on google.


4. Having a Site Search Feature is Essential:

As an e-commerce website, you cannot compromise with site search feature which is of utmost importance. It basically tells about your business and on what platform you work. This helps you to know the requirements and needs of your customers. Some added advantages can be having a search box in google’s search results.


5. Use Attractive and Engaging Pages that boost CTR:

This is the ultimate tool which can boost your search results. Try out posting unique and attractive images. Also, it is advisable that you create unique and original content for your site. Search engines are adept in detecting duplicate content and it is very likely that your content won’t be shown in that case. All in all, you need to be creative in your product descriptions and choosing the necessary images. Did you know that image optimization is equally important? Yes, it is also one of the effective ways of increasing your website ranking.


6. Create Original Content:

Also, it is advisable that you create unique and original content for your site. Search engines are adept in detecting duplicate content and it is very likely that your content won’t be shown in that case. Trust me, creative and original content can do wonders to your website.


7. Detailed Specifications of the Product is Advisable:

It is always good to present a clear picture of the product you are offering to your customers. It would help the customers to make a prudent choice. Hence, include details like dimensions, size, color, warranty details, unique features, prices etc. This way you can easily win the trust of the customer. Having an Q & A can further be a good option.


8. Get Customer Reviews:

Customers are often skeptical about buying products online. Hence, elaborate reviews by other customers on the product can help them make a decision easily. Also, it will increase the credibility of your product. Reviews can be an added benefit if they are original as it would add to your google ranking. It is viable that you publish both good and bad reviews. Last but not the least, they should be genuine and unpaid.


9. Focus on Keywords in Copywriting:

No matter how unique your content be, it would be useless unless people cannot access it. Hence, you cannot neglect optimizing keywords to generate higher traffic on your website. A copywriter specializes in aptly using the keywords and hence increasing the visibility of your website.


10. Mark up your page with Structured Date:

This technique can help your website to generate a rich search result. You can try out marking up your content with Schema which will provide you Rich Snippets listing which can be user friendly.


11. Pictures Create more Impact then Videos and Text:

Visual content is the most powerful and easy way to deliver your message. You can tell the customers about the specifications of the product or can also give instructions. Either way, it is the most powerful content by far and utilizing it is a no brainer.  Other benefits of videos are that it exceeds the time duration a customer spends on your page as well as it reduces the bounce rates, both yields positive and good results.

But, posting videos on your page can result in more loading time so, use it wisely and wherever it is necessary or you think can have more impact. You can also use an image link which opens on an another page with the video, to reduce the loading time.


12. Describe the Product in easy and simple way that customer can understand

It is very important that your customers understands and are satisfied from the product specifications and descriptions, because if your customers are not satisfied they may call up to clear it and make an order, or may not order, both will reduce your online sales. Design your website in a manner that it is easy to understand and is user-friendly.


13. Add SSL and HTTPS

Your server has to be secured with a DV (Domain Verification) certificate. A secure server is important not only for scoring good rank but also, to attract customers and protect their safety. Google consistently warns the customers, whenever they connect to a non-secure website, this will result in losing customer’s trust. A secure site attracts customers.


14. Focus on Page Load Time

Page loading time plays a crucial role in search engine ranking. Customers prefer faster loading website. Google also wants sites to load within few second and that is not an easy task to achieve. It is recommended that your pages load within 8 seconds or faster than your competitor’s website. So implement measures that will ensure your website loads faster and avoid elements that can slower your website.


“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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