20 Ways to Take WordPress site to the Next Level

Do you know that apart from great content there are other things as well that can attract potential readers, encourage more interaction and impress the readers?

Well, here are a few tips that will surely aid in giving a fresh look to your website and keeping your readers hooked and impressed:

  1. Update your theme: Themes make your site alluring and add a fresh look to your website. There are a plenty of free themes but go for a premium theme, as it gives you more control over your website and there are more customization options. If you are looking for top-notch quality themes, then you should definitely make use of authentic source like ThemeForest.


  1. Add a page builder: If you’re using a premium theme and want to keep it’s few components intact, then you can add a page builder plugin. It gives you more control over choosing the layout of pages and you can even add other components to each page like accordions, sliders, testimonials and enhance it further by making use of steadfast plugin such as Visual Composer.
  2. Email list: It is the best way of establishing a more personal relationship with readers, and also helps in developing great leads if you wish to monetize your blog. You can use MailChimp to create your list.


  1. Use opt-in forms: After your email list is ready, you can display opt-in forms on your website and users can subscribe to it. Make use of a plugin like Ninja Popups and choose from a variety of form types that comes with pre-styled themes and customization features.


  1. Add social sharing buttons: Readers like to share information on social media. You can enhance their experience by adding social sharing button in your website via Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress.


  1. Secure your website: You can secure your website from brute force attacks by hiding your default login screen and other important files from the eyes of hackers. For this, you can use Hide My WP plugin that replaces your login screen with a custom link only known to you.
  2. Add forums: You can increase user engagement by adding forums where they can interact with your industry. You can add a forum to your website using bbPress and use Socialize theme to make it more flawless.


  1. Use a favicon: Favicon gives branding to your website and makes it more authentic to users. It is simply an image that stands for your website in browser bookmarks. It can be added from default site icon in WordPress.


  1. Keep your branding consistent: Create a logo for your website along with the color scheme and keep it consistent across your whole Internet presence. Keep your brand consistent by using same logo and colors in social media headers and in promotional graphics across all social platforms


  1. Respond to comments: Try to respond to every comment of your users every week. This shows them that you appreciate their comments and encourages more interaction.
  2. Customize the Gravatar: Most of the users have their own Gravatar and a default image comes for those that don’t have one. You can use SVG Avatar Creator that will aid those users in creating a custom Gravatar that they can then upload via Gravatar website. This, in turn, will make your website more engaging for them.
  3. Use Google Analytics: Enable Google Analytics and monitor your website traffic. You can see which device your users are using and can identify the most popular content. The tracking code can either be added manually or by using gAnalytics plugin.
  4. Add a welcome video: A welcome video to greet each visitor and give them information about your website, helps in connecting with your audience. Add this to your homepage and enhance it further by adding a custom logo opener to build recognition using Logo Reveal


  1. Add videos: Videos helps in keeping the audiences hooked. Consider adding video posts to explain complicated concepts via using a template like Explainer Video Toolkit. Make use of animations to make your blog post appealing. You can use 210 Title Animations template for this


  1. Interlink your content: You can link your new posts to older posts that were not seen by the new audiences, this keeps the readers engaged for a longer period of time


  1. Link to other relevant websites: You can link your blog post to other external blogs that are in the same niche and that relate to our blog post. It also makes your blog get noticed by other blogs’ owner which ultimately leads to increase in traffic and healthy association


  1. Schedule Backups: Make use of a plugin like WordPress Backup and Clone Master to automatically backup your site. Make a point to Backup the site even before updating


  1. Promote the contributors: If the blogs are posted by multiple authors, then give credit to each author by using a plugin like AuthorsWidget. Allow your readers to read posts and comments from their favorite author


  1. Improvise your ‘about us’ page: In the age try to tell the readers what they can expect from your blog and how your content will be useful to them


  1. Include a call to action: Use a call to action that depicts your end goal and let your visitors and readers know about it.

These 20 steps will surely spice up your website and help you in attracting new audiences and keeping loyal audience impressed and hooked.

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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