3 Surprising Lead Generation Techniques that Work

The internet is a noisy and crowded place these days. And, as a result, it can be tough to get your message, product and content in front of people online. Unless your messages are targeted and useful, your customers will ignore them and move onto something else.


It is essential, therefore, that you investigate new ways to engage with them that make an impact. Here, we’re going to discuss some of the clever ways marketers are generating leads that actually work. Take a look at this.

Turn Your Calls Into Leads With Helpful Marketing

As a business owner, it should always be your goal to sell to the customer without selling. But what does that actually mean?

It turns out that the many of the most successful businesses don’t corner their customers and go for the hard sell. Instead, they show their clients their expertise, help them, and let their customers ultimately come to them.

This technique is called “helpful marketing.” And the good news is that anybody can do it. Hold a Skype Q&A session for your customers and help them solve their problems. Then wait. They’ll remember you, and they’ll come back next time they’re in the market for your product.

Start Using Quora For Lead Generation

Quora is one of the world’s most prolific question and answer platforms, used by thousands of people every day. It’s a great place for businesses because they are in a position to solve many of the problems people have.

Say, for instance, you’re an SEO company. Then you’d go to Quora and look for questions like, “how do I increase my ranking on Google?”

The better the answer you give, the more upvotes you’ll get. And the more upvotes, the more people you can funnel through to your site. Don’t forget, you can still add do-follow links through sites like Quora.

Boost Your Twitter Appeal

Twitter isn’t just a site for letting people know about where you are or what you’re doing. It’s a powerful marketing tool.

You can use Twitter in many useful and exciting ways to get more leads.

  1. Use A Catchy Call To Action

The first thing that people see when they view your Twitter account is your background strip and your company info. As a result, it’s a good idea to use a call to action here. Make sure that when you place your call to action, you pin a Tweet along with it. Having the same call to action location helps to make where to click more memorable.

  1. Generate A Niche Twitter Following

As a small business, it’s important that you get picky about who you follow on Twitter, and who follows you back. Target other companies in related industries that your target audience might find appealing. Then use these businesses to lever up your Twitter following and ask them to follow you.

  1. Churn Out Click-Sexy Content

But perhaps the best way to get more traffic to your Twitter account and generate more leads is to have a click-worthy content on your feed. Ask pertinent questions, include links to your articles and content, and share other people’s blogs and articles.

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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