5 SEO Mistakes not to Make in your WordPress Website

Creating a website on WordPress and setting it up is easy. Making it a success online is another matter entirely. You need to think about SEO and how to increase the search ranking of your WordPress site. When you do this, it’s important that you avoid some of the most common mistakes. These errors are guaranteed to ensure that no one sees your site online, and it becomes a dead space. Here are some of the biggest SEO mistakes you can make with your WordPress site.


Poor Categorization

WordPress do a lot to make SEO easy for their users. This includes simple and clear categorization of content. If you want to add SEO to a piece of content, you just need to categorize it and put it under certain tags. This will ensure it appears to other WordPress users with the same tags or interests. It will also mean that indexing the site is clear and that it connects to keywords or phrases searched for by internet users. Issues occur when content is categorized incorrectly. Or worse, not categorized at all. At that point, a great piece of content isn’t being used to its full potential online. It might be a great read. But it’s not going to affect the ranking of your site.

No Title Optimization

SEO used to simply mean adding the right keywords to your site. Now that a lot more is held underneath that umbrella term, including social media promotion. But to this day, adding the correct keywords still has an impact on your ranking. By adding the correct keywords, you can ensure that your site is found by users searching for things you’re writing about. This should always start with the creation of titles for your content. You need to optimize them and the basic who, what, where when, rule is useful for here. Before you think about making the titles sexy, make sure that they include the right information. So, you might be writing about the housing bubble in London. If that’s the case the words London, real estate, and buyers should all be in the title. These are the words users will be searching for looking for information on this topic. You’d be amazed by how much optimizing your titles could impact your website.

Failing To Use Google Authorship

Essentially, by using Google Authorship, you will be putting a face next to your content and your WordPress site. Using Google Authorship, your content, and the WordPress site is linked to your Google Plus profile. This has one significant advantage. A picture of you will appear next to any of your content or links that appear in the SERPs. As such, your click through rate should increase. People are more likely to click on content that has a picture of the author next to it for two reasons. The content looks professional, and it is no longer anonymous. Therefore, they have no reason to doubt it’s authenticity.

Low Word Count and Poor Quality

You need to be careful about what content you add to your WordPress site. Specifically, you need to think about word count. Your word count should always be over 100 words. Or, if you’re writing something with a little more weight you need to aim between five hundred and one thousand. This will increase the chances of higher ranking. Be careful of quality as well. Poor quality content will only damage the reputation of your WordPress site and the ranking. As such, you should not be adding hundreds of articles to your site that have been poorly written.

Poor Page Loading Time

Recently, Google added the duration of time spent on site as a factor to decide the ranking of the web page. That was bad news for any site owners with long loading times. Long loading times typically cause visitors to click on and off straight away. They don’t want to wait around for the site to load and instead find another website. You need to be careful of this, and you should regularly be checking your WordPress loading time. Ideally, the site should load instantly on a basic connection. If it isn’t, you may want to think about simplifying some of the features. Alternatively, you can look into getting a better host server. Hosting your site give you more freedom on how it runs and how much content can be added.

If you avoid these mistakes, you should get a large level of readership and views for your site. SEO on WordPress is simple if you know the key facts.  

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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