5 SEO Techniques you should not waste your time with!

Search Engine Optimization is a big deal in this competitive digital world. Every website owner or SEO expert always tries to elevate their website ranking using diverse SEO techniques. But is every technique effective?

Obviously not!

Google and other major search engines keep updating their algorithms to boost the quality of search results and increase relevance for the users. So, if you are doing it wrong for a time being, there are chances that you get penalized.

Here are some such techniques listed which may cause high penalty for yours or your client’s site. Go through these 5 SEO techniques which you should not waste your time with, and stopping wasting your precious time and money on them.

  1. Optimizing Anchor Tags

Optimized anchor tags worked great in old days. But if you will use them now, it’s like inviting penalty on your own. In case you don’t know about anchor tags, these are the keywords which are being used as anchors. For example – If I want my website to be ranked for the keyword ‘Harmful SEO Techniques’, I will add a link to this keyword.


Gradual algorithmic penalization with destroy all efforts of SEO by lowering your site’s ranking which is not what you wanted, right?

So, instead of optimizing the anchor text for Search engines, here is what you can do –

  • Use long sentences which are not stuffed with keywords.
  • Directly put the URLs (aka use naked URLs).
  • Never put links of sites which have low DA or are treated as unsafe or spam by google.
  • Use the relevant and short links. Google (as linking brand name to its website) will not punish you.


  1. High Keyword Density or Keyword Stuffing

Never stuff keywords forcefully into your content – NEVER. But it you are writing keyword-heavy content, without stuffing it, it’s bad too. Remember, such methods may not only spoil reader’s interest but also harms your website’s Search Engine rank.

So, avoid both the above-mentioned SEO practices if you actually want to gain ranking. Some good tricks are written in the solution section of this point. Don’t miss reading that part.


  • Try to focus on some keywords, ideally one or two.
  • Make efforts in putting valuable and informative content on your websites instead of only making it rank higher in the search engines.
  • When you want to gain ranking on some keywords, post more relevant posts or add more content related to that keyword instead of making a small amount of content keyword-heavy.
  • Make intelligent use of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). Google uses LSI to confirm that good content has no keyword stuffing and keywords may lie in proximities. So, break the long tail keywords in parts and use them in natural-looking sentences instead of making useless lines to please search engines.


  1. Wrong Ways of Linking Back

Linkbacks have a good impact on site’s SEO ranking but is it the only thing to bother?

You may think that adding many links to your website and pages will bring traffic and ranking but that’s simply not the truth.

So, what should you do?


Search Engine Optimization requires a good mix of valuable content and marketing, not merely the link-building. So, focus on everything like CONTENT, linking-backs, social media marketing, website optimization and forum reputation.

  1. Irrelevant Guest Posting

Guest posting is a great way to bring traffic to your website. It finds its place somewhere in the top layers of content marketing strategy but things appear to change now. Just guest blogging for a website because it has good Domain authority is not going to benefit you.

The algorithms, now, are capable of understanding the structure of sites and pointing out the posts which seem odd and different. Also, if you are guest blogging for high DA websites without matching their niche to yours, it has negative impacts.


Write genuine guest posts instead of spamming it with multiple links, all linking to your website. Find good websites who post the similar stuff as you and write for them instead of writing for every good website. Read the first point again so that you don’t make the mistake of optimizing your anchor tags in your guest posts. Never ever give low-quality content or add your head terms heavily in your guest posts.

  1. Too much dependency on Back Linking

Getting backlinks in exchange of backlinks, purchasing backlinks – pretty cheap and easy stuff, right?

Are you sure your SEO agency is doing it correctly?

You must understand it because it’s a scary SEO technique if done wrongfully. See what to consider before you hurt your website. (Solution Part)


  • Don’t get a site to link you if it’s a penalized website or has a lower DA.
  • Don’t flood your links all of sudden. The receipt of such links should be well-spread over time and should not look artificial.
  • Link building is always been an amazing SEO technique but it should be wisely utilized and upgraded with the advancement in the Google’s algorithms.

Bottom Line

Do not consider SEO as a quick way to get numerous visitors in a short duration. Take it as a part of content marketing which works well if has good synchronization with other factors of the scenario. It’s more like a long-term approach which evolves and changes with technology and time.

Hope you will now not waste your precious time and money in insane SEO tricks which are outdated. If there’s something missed and is making you curious, just let us know by commenting below. We would love to reply it as fast as possible.

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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