6 Proven Golden Principles of Effective Email Marketing

When we talk about business, we talk seriously. Which is also why emails have rules. Even though it is the oldest form of outreach, however, if used effectively can be one’s strongest weapon of communication. Exploding emails to anyone or everyone can be misleading but benefits of building your mailing list resourcefully is an art. Also, email marketing is the secret weapon for the hungry leads in today’s time.

Though there are no rules or principles written in stone but here are six guiding principles for professional email marketing and communication.

Master the Art of Specific Offer

As they say, if a claim is worth making then one should know how to make it in the most specific way. E-mails tend to become boring when they are too long and people often mark it as useless and get past it. Therefore, if you want your potential clients to click loud and clear, don’t beat around the bush. BOLD, straightforward and impossible to miss. Make your subject lines specific and your content explicit. Always remember that your messages are good as their subject lines. This will not only increase the open rate but also bring in some positive growth in the success curve.

Know Thy Audience

Everyone has a story to tell or a product to sell, but you must know your audience before you open your mouth. Every audience is different. The offer goes for a toss if you don’t make it to the target audience. Make sure to make your content exclusive, this will make your offer look more valuable. If you are running a real estate marketing campaign make sure you make offers keeping in mind both buyers and sellers while if you run an email campaign for e-commerce stores, make sure to give the audience the right and the best deal.

Communicate like your Would on Social Media

Social media is addictive because it tries to give people something they think they lack. It gives people immediacy, direction and sometimes values as an individual. People often tend to engage more with any type of content that is surfaced through social media. Similarly, if your content is more personalized, it will eventually grab more likes and followers just like it does for social media. More often, people consider such emails to be spam because the sender comes out to be as a lifeless robot instead of a real person. Hence, give your email a voice. Let them know you are a human!

Be Consistent but Set Clear your Expectations

Peace begins when you give rest to your expectations. Not one email will be similar to all just like one person cannot fit in all sizes. One must hone their strategic skills in order to give meaning to one’s email marketing. You cannot afford to play copycat and do what everyone else is doing. Relying on analytics is imperative. Educating yourself about your target audience and gathering authentic data becomes tremendously important too. A lot more can be done if you are steady with your researches. However again, don’t complicate the process much by thinking too much and develop your campaign consistently.

Take Tremendous Care with the Value of the Offer

One should never send an email if one is not clear about their goal. Ask yourself your ultimate goal. Connect the dots as to whom to influence, why to influence, what occasional deals to provide and is the email alone going to be the tool for promotion. Suppose you are in e-commerce space, your reader knows what product you are selling. Therefore, you have to strive to become tactful with your offers, deals, and sales language. Draw a line in terms of being over promotional. So try and create emails that let your reader something to do like click the link, reply or check out your store.

Less is More

Minimalist style is the keystone of most of the e-commerce email operations. Time and again, in this article, we see that it becomes very important to be simple and straightforward. Don’t let the email make your reader wonder. Presentation and content should always be concise and to the point. Try to grab attention through your style and tone of writing but never overdo it. Put stress on the value and encourage your audience to open, read and act.

In the end, what we understand is that building a relationship with your audience is a two-way process and needs consistent effort. You must reveal the authentic self so as to build trust. After all, You don’t build a business, you build people and then people build the business. There is no doubt that email marketing can be very difficult at times but with potential to create and hold old customers will only increase the chances of success. Also, let’s face it there are no rules to anything, you can always manage to break rules and invent your own. However, these are just guidelines so that you don’t have to waste time to reinvent the wheel and win your own business wars.

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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