7 Reasons Why Pay Per Click (PPC) Strategy is Important for Success

Almost every web business has been competing for visibility and appearance on the first page of Google search results. While organic SEO does the work, it is only half done when compared to competitors employing both SEO and Pay Per Click Strategy (PPC).

Here is how you can use PPC to stay ahead of the competition and improve sales:

1. Targeted Ads

Despite natural results attracting more clicks than sponsored ads, they cannot be changed, optimized or tested without making alterations to the web page, hence posing an obstacle for the website’s overall ranking. The ads, in the case of PPC can be changed, edited, tracked, and tested to observe what gives best results. This enables the marketers to analyze the combination of text and phrases that work best for the business in question.


2. PPC is measurable and can be tracked

The fact that PPC advertising run through Ads is easy to measure and track acts as a major benefit. Based on your defined business goals, you will be able to check high-level performance details including clicks, impressions, and conversions.

The stats are easily available leaving no mystery to the strategy’s performance. You’d know instantly the type of results a particular campaign is driving for your budget and the kind of traffic you are gaining. You’d be able to analyze clearly your expenditure and gains in terms of business goals when you send the PPC traffic to definite landing pages and use Google Analytics to track it all the way to conversion.


3. Quicker Results

To achieve better website ranking over long-term, Organic SEO is still among the best and most reliable strategies. However, SEO may take an extremely long time to work and provide results. In case you are looking for results in a shorter time, PPC is preferred over SEO. You can set a PPC campaign on almost every search engine, including Google in less than half an hour, if you have even a little idea about how PPC works. In fact, once done, you may just start to see results show up within the next hour.


4. PPC helps you locate problems

You’d be able to see how well is your website performing and judge the rate of conversion or leads as soon as you start getting sufficient traffic on your website. You may have to work on conversion optimization if even highly targeted traffic fails to perform to expectations. Site functionality may also be affected by programming or design errors in certain instances. You may never be able to figure out these problems in case of SEO and it may take several months or even years to gain the traffic through organic optimization.


5. Works well with other marketing channels

With content marketing having taken over the digital marketing world, almost every business has its own content plan and calendar. To establish thought leadership and support the customer buying cycle by producing unique and original content, you need to make an investment. You can improve your return on investment by using PPC strategy run through Ads to drive visitors quickly and thus witness quick conversions.

SEO and PPC function well together, targeting the same audience that uses Google to search for specific keywords, service, or product. Infact, knowing the performance data and conversion from Ads will helps you analyse on a keyword-by-keyword basis to decide where to prioritize your SEO efforts.


6. You pay only when the ad is clicked

The best and most straightforward part about PPC is that you pay only when someone clicks the link, and you thus know where your money is going. In most traditional advertising techniques, you hope that the audience engages, having spent the advertising budget already, without any surety. Hence, PPC is definitely not a vague effort into gaining website traffic since the strategy provide a high chance of return on investment.


7. Geo-targeting

One of the most celebrated features of PPC advertisements among businesses is that you are enabled to exclude any users that are not based within your target location. Known as geo targeting, this feature helps a business not pay for clicks of users that are unlikely to avail your services due to geographical constraints. PPC makes it possible to reach only your target audience through the ads.


PPC strategy can work great for your site, but if done wrong, it may end up having a negative result with all investment lost. It is hence best to take help from an expert if you are not versed well in PPC advertising handling.

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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