7 Tips for a Successful Google Ads Campaign

Google Ads campaigns are designed to help advertisers reach millions of consumers in seconds. In order to take advantage of this incredible system and to maximize your results, there are a number of steps we recommend all advertisers take. We see internet advertisers make the same mistakes over and over again. To prevent the disabling and disapproval of your internet advertising campaigns for Google Ads, we’ve included 7 useful tips that we recommend you implement.

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1. Refine & Sort Keywords:

Basic keywords and an AdWord account will not be enough to help you proceed with the ad creation process. You need to thoroughly separate the good, productive keywords from the bad ones.

For example, if you are a small business selling men’s clothing in a Toronto suburb, one of your keywords could be “men’s clothing Toronto”. Toronto is a big city and that term can generate some decent search results. However, your store name may not be a good keyword, unless you are a large brand name store like Sears or Mexx. We therefore recommend that you do not use your store name as your keyword.

The rule of thumb is: if a keyword has accumulated over 30 days of exposure and less than 1% percent clicks – throw it out! There are no benefits to keeping those keywords; they undermine the performance of your campaign.

2. Don’t over-do Ad Copy:

Be as concise as possible and have a clear call to action, outlining what the search engine user needs to do. You only have 95 characters to write with and this includes spaces. We highly recommend that you list and include discounts, unique selling propositions, coupons, and deals.

3. Segregate your budget:

An Ads campaign is complicated, but worthwhile and rewarding, especially if you split it up. Stop bundling all your keywords into one campaign and one ad group.

We highly recommend that internet advertisers divide up their campaign based on specializations. For example, if you are a lawyer in the legal field, youwant to create separate ad groups for torts, contracts, transportation, traffic laws etc. You may also divide this into subgroups, so that traffic laws include drunk driving, driving labour etc.

4. Focus on Landing Page:

Most businesses fail to understand the importance of an optimized landing page, resulting in nominal and marginal leads. All your efforts can feel wasted by directing your business to a webpage that is not optimized for lead generations.

What does this mean? The page search engine users are transferred to after clicking on an ad is referred to as the ‘landing page’. The landing page should always be arranged to attract users who click on a link, advertisement, or banner. We highly recommend that landing pages not be your website’s homepage. That is unless your homepage is a sales page in itself.

5. Set up a mobile campaign:

By the year 2013, a lot more searches are expected to be done through mobile phones. Google now allows for searches to appear in the click of a call.

To inquire about our Click-to-Call services, call us at 1-877-Wisdek-1 now. We make it easy for website visitors to call you, by linking your website to your customer`s phones.

6. Moderate adjustments overtime:

Steer your Ads campaign gradually and carefully. You cannot start a new Ads campaign every time a new CEOs or marketing director is hired. Ads campaigns require constant maintenance and evaluation of data being collected. Advertisers are always given the choice to add keywords and negative keywords and to optimize ad text to make the site appear more convertible.

7. Understand and abide by Google policy guidelines:

Google is chopping down on campaigns that illicit scams. They were fined over $500 million in 2012 for permitting Canadian pharmaceuticals to place scam ads on the search engine. They are therefore more cautious about who they approve and disapprove. We welcome all customers to view Google guidelines for more details regarding what Google expects. For more information, click here.


Call Wisdek now at 1-877-Wisdek-1 to get the most out of your online marketing campaigns. We have been industry leaders for over 14 years and have a proven track record for success. Experts at Wisdek review online marketing campaigns on an individualized basis and are keen to provide useful tips for you to implement.

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