8 Out of Date SEO Techniques you must avoid

There is no doubt that Search Engine optimisation or SEO is one of those things that every website owner must have in place in order to make their mark in this digital world. It is not just essential but it is indistinct too! Well, you can hire an SEO specialist or you can just become one to meet the SEO requirements of your blog. But this is not that easy that it sounds! Actually, you will require sundry skills and expertise to cater to the creative as well as the technical requirements of your blog.

Well, let’s just say that is something very hard to achieve. Most of the people believe in the myth that SEO is just about putting the right keywords into your content. But to be fairly honest, SEO is much more than just stuffing the keywords. In order to have a perfect SEO, you need to make your content perfect by adding proper SEO elements without losing its creative value and moreover, you need to understand the response codes that your server returns.

As the debate over how to do the SEO remains to continue, we came up with a plan to help you out. The best thing that you can do to make your SEO perfect is to rule out the obscure techniques. Obscure techniques- what do we mean by that? Well, SEO is a digital marketing technique. And it needs not to say that like every other technique that exists on the face of this planet, it is also ever evolving. So, what do you need to do is to run parallel with this never ending evolution to be at the top of your game and to take your website at the top of the search engine ranks list.

Hence, let’s have a look at the top 8 obscure SEO techniques that you should stop using immediately:

  • Do not overstuff your content with excessive keywords:

We often see people spending day and nights on the Google Keyword Planner to find the keywords with good ROI. Mixing and matching the phrases and keep a close look at the search engine volumes; it is fair to say that we all have been there and done that! But one exceptional thing that most of the people do they use a sheer number of keywords in the content to make the SEO perfect! But you would be surprised to know that this is a very self-destructive practice. Though it was a popular practice once but with the development of Google algorithm and evolution in SEO techniques, it has become obsolete.

While the keywords are important but there is a limit to using it. Even you manage to keep all the other things at a proper place then only with a keyword in your content; you can still be the champion of SEO.

Plus, there are some people too who one keyword multiple times in the content to make an impact and that is wrong too. It is always better to keep your keyword usage level below 2.5% in your content. It is because when the content becomes overstuffed with the keywords then it loses its value in the search engine results and it is often viewed as a spam. Hence, it is always better to use your keyword intelligently. Just always remember that the quality of the keywords is what matters not the other way around.

  • Excessive content can do the harm:

Though we often hear that content is the king for any blog or website but everything has a limit to it. Often, the website owners publish too much content and build web-pages with heavy contents, just to attract the traffic to their website. Well, at the beginning this used to work since at that time the technical aspects were considered to be more important than the quality. But as seen in the recent updates in Google algorithm, the tech giant is stressing more on the quality of the content.

Now, heavy content cladded web pages usually lose their value! More the content, lesser is the quality of it. Hence, it takes you to nowhere. So, what do you need to do is to create contents that actually matter and add value to the search engine algorithms in order to achieve good rankings. Create quality contents and you will see the success coming your way.

  • STOP assigning a separate web page to every variation of a keyword:

Though it may sound stupid to many but it is a real practice that the specialists used to practice back in the day. They would create a separate landing page or web page for every variation of a keyword that they used. But if you are planning to do the same then stop right there! Google algorithm has become very smart; it has started to identify the synonyms or the similar words. And in the recent years, the Google algorithm is neglecting any such practice thereby making it a purely obsolete technique.

  • Say no to overuse of anchor text or internal linking:

Yeah! We all know how important it is to add interlinks in your content for the SEO purposes. But that too has to be within a proper limit. If you continue to use the anchor texts or interlinks excessively in your content; then Google will view it as a spam. Hence, no importance will be given to your content and he will be bereaved of your dream of achieving good traffic for your website. But that does not imply that you do not need to use interlinks; obviously, you do need to use them! But that has to be within proper limits. Moreover, try using outbound links for a better shot at your SEO.

  • The spamful directories:

Just like the interlinking, the SEO specialists used to use SEO directories with a behemoth of links. Have you ever come across with a directory with 500 links? Well, it used to happen back in the day. The backlinks as they are called are nowadays considered as spams when used past their limit. So, it is better you avoid the technique to make your SEO perfect.

  • Article Spinning:

Article marketing was a huge thing in the SEO world in the old days. It was generally used so that a single article could be submitted to a multitude of directories in order to get the desired traffic. And all the articles used to be linked with an anchor text to the product that was being sold. And the most important factor of it was spinning the articles. Yes! Website owners used to use the automatic software to rephrase the article in order to publish it. But with the evolution in Google algorithm, the practice became obsolete as Google started putting more stress on the quality. So, never use the spinning software to spin your articles. Else you can get punished by Google for that.

  • Never Use the Ads competition to determine the ranking:

Have you ever opened the AdWord to do the keyword research? Of course, you have! Then you might have noticed that there is a column showing “medium, high or low” beside every keyword along with the price that you required to pay in order to start a campaign with those keywords.

But the thing is that you can never judge the organic ranking in a search engine on the basis of Ads competition. Ads determine the competition on the basis of the users of that keyword. So, the point that becomes most important in determining the competition in adword is that who are using these keywords and how much they are appealing to the audience.

But that is not something that you should be worried about! Because your organic search engine ranking will never depend on that.

  • Unfocused, non-strategic Linkbaits:

Yes! This is a technique that many SEO specialists used to do to attract traffic to their website. This technique did not require the content to be of high quality. But in the present day, this awful technique does not work anymore. The quality of the content of your website is everything and that ultimately decides your ranking. Hence, stop practicing this technique to evade the punishment from Google.

SEO is much more than what people generally think. So be skilful, creative and technically sound to do the SEO of your website. And avoid using the above techniques in order to see your website achieving the ultimate success!

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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