8 Digital Marketing Mistakes to avoid in 2018

With brand launching digital marketing campaigns on a day to day basis, every marketer keeps the best intentions when launching the campaign. However, there can still be certain flaws and inevitable mistakes. A better campaign is an outcome of the learning from the last mistake. We discuss some of the most common mistakes people need to avoid in their digital marketing campaigns:

  1. Not defining your target audience

It is essential you understand you audience for the success of your digital marketing campaign. Knowing details like demographics or titles is usually not enough, and you need to focus on developing buyer personas that represent the fictitious image of your ideal buyer. It can take hard work to craft a buyer persona according to changing times, but the effort is well worth it.

Non-targeted ads are only half as effective as behaviorally targeted ads, thus, if you’re spending money on ads, why not do it right by targeting properly.

Why do target audiences matter?

If you’re a mother to a toddler, you definitely won’t be on the lookout for Graduation College for your child. Similarly, the ads need to target someone who needs your product or service rather than simply appearing for everyone who may not be interested in your brand.


  1. Not using a smart SEO strategy

The rules of SEO have changed, though SEO is still a game changer. Here is what you need to get rid of from your SEO strategy:

Keyword Stuffing

If the keyword density is extremely high with no proper language flow, chances are that search engines will penalize you.

Low Quality or paid backlinks

The days of directory backlinks adding to your rankings are gone with search engines recognizing the paid backlinks.

Putting all your keyword into meta data

Avoid making your meta data look spammy by filling it with keywords, rather let is appear as a message.

Here is what to incorporate in your SEO strategy to make it valuable to your brand

Be ready for voice search

With voice search on the rise, try to work on a conversational tone to rank high in voice searches.

Focus on quality instead of quantity

Your content should be well written and readable and not just focused on gaining search engine rankings.

User Experience.

Google emphasizes of the mobile-friendliness and user experience of the website, hence focus on providing high readability and easy navigation.

Repeating keyword anchor text linking


  1. Not optimizing all channels for distribution of your campaign

While your campaign might be ready to go on all your channels, ensure that you differentiate how you post or publish on each channel.

Also, analyze which channel will offer the audience that hosts your buyer persona and publish accordingly. Generally, you would want to consider email, web, social media, paid media, events/webinars etc..

Each of the channels must be analyzed according to the niche of your product. Promoting a lifestyle product on a digital marketing webinar is time, money, and effort wasted. Use Twitter for informal ads while LinkedIn must have longer and more formal posts. Also, try personalizing the email message to help your user feel a sense of familiarity with your brand.


  1. Not integrating all efforts

You must know where your campaign is going and when. You cannot postpone your social media campaign for later if your landing page is published today. Avoid confusing your audience.

It is essential to remain consistent in your efforts and connect to your users in multiple ways to build brand loyalty. You are likely to receive more quantity and quality conversions with cohesive messaging throughout the digital footprint of your campaigns.


  1. Not measuring what matters

Is your campaign launched but are you still confused about which metrics or key performance indicators to track? Impressions and social media views hardly make a difference in your conversions. While time on site, and new visitor page views are important metrics, you must keep an eye for measuring conversion rates and whether you are meeting your goals. You must also look at referral source to know better where the traffic is coming from and concentrate your campaign accordingly.


  1. Your website doesn’t support your campaign appropriately

While a highly evolved, modern website is a plus for your business, is it failing to add value? Despite adding relevant content to the website to promote the campaign, you may still be losing out on clients due to certain drawbacks with your website.

You must ensure that the website is mobile friendly with most users now using web on their smartphones. Also, the focus should be on user experience. Here are few standard to meet:

-Avoid side menus and stick to top navigation

-Do not design the layout within a box and rather span the entire length of the screen

-Imagery must be up to date with easy to read fonts

-On a click or action, there has to be an indicator like the button becoming underlined or changing colour.

-Offer a quick way to return to the home page.



  1. Failing to personalize the campaign when applicable

Brand loyalty is best built by providing personalized digital experience. Only entering the name in the salutation of the email isn’t enough. You need to rather focus on the buyer persona and figure out how the campaign will be relevant to them. We list some personalization ideas:

  • Based on the needs of your users, segment your email lists
  • Use tools that help you to ‘score’ leads
  • Respond on social media as a real human


  1. Learning from other’s mistakes

Digital marketing campaign mistakes are committed by almost every marketer and are almost a part of learning to improve the campaign. With knowing the common blunder that marketers make, it is advisable that you avoid them proactively in your upcoming campaign. However, with digital marketing changing rapidly, it is also advisable to learn from where others in the same industry went wrong by analyzing their campaigns and avoiding the mistakes they made for a better response to your own campaign.

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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