8 SEO Mistakes Threatening the Small Businesses

Marketing is an interesting dilemma for small business entrepreneurs. With a tremendous amount of information available online, it can be ominous to put them into practice. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the technique used by modern businessmen to improve the rankings of their business. But this has become a huge menace for those who lack proper skills and expertise in SEO services.

However, the small businesses that understand the significance of SEO fall into two categories. Either they are well off to hire SEO services, or they manage to do it themselves. Majority of business owners practicing SEO think themselves good by merely relying on the articles they read from time to time. But there is a need for a professional SEO Company that provides quality services and market reporting at affordable costs. SEO experts understand the intricacies of the digital market and come up with a solid plan to attack the business operations of their clients.

Unfortunately, often the ones, who think themselves good at SEO commit most of the SEO mistakes. Gone are the days when you could just imitate the strategies of your competitors and gain economic advantage over them. There is a dire need to develop an effective and customized strategy for your own business.

Though SEO does not cost much, yet this marketing tactic shall not be mistaken to be an easy task. Here are some of the most common SEO mistakes that small businesses make that affect their web presence.

  1. Content Duplicity:

Content is predominating issue of search engine marketing that needs to be mastered these days. While large corporations hire various editorial teams and continuously add to their blogs, small businesses face the problem of thin or duplicate content.

Duplicate content does not help much in optimizing the searches and leads to low ranking, reduced traffic on the website. Regularly updating websites through articles or blog posts helps in developing quality content for the site and improves organic rankings.

  1. Old and Out Dated Content:

Stale and outdated site content may get someone on your website once but you will not get them continuously. Moreover, not posting fresh content is similar to posting no content on your site. According to various studies, it has been proved that fresh and updated content increases search rankings of the site and helps to maintain regular traffic to your site.

Therefore, a small business should have effective content marketing strategies in place to guide visitors to the site and convert them into leads or buyers. Instead of stuffing the site content with keywords or irrelevant information, the content needs to be informative, tempting and useful for visitors or potential buyers.

  1. Neglecting Social Media:

Social media is both a blessing and curse. While it helps in communicating with the customers on a real-time basis, it requires the communication to be instant and pertaining to the basis that is relevant to the business. Often this is time-consuming and leaving it instantly makes a negative impression in the minds of the customers.

Small businesses that do not use social media are more likely to miss the opportunities of expanding their search engine visibility. Using social media facilitates in prompt awareness of business products and create ample of fresh content and backlinks.

Also, effective content strategies and links associated with shares have an indirect influence on the SEO rankings. Positive signals result in the reduced amount of bounce rates, leading to an increase in brand recognition, loyalty and conversion rates of the business.

  1. Mistaking SEO as One Size Fit All:

The right approach to business is meeting the needs of the buyers and striving towards the business goals. Hence, content and business tactics should be developed wisely and confine the areas of specialization of business.

Small business units that specifically rely on local business should invest in local SEO campaigns as it goes well with buyer learning, evaluation, and research.

  1. Expecting Prompt SEO Success:

Since SEO is an ongoing process that requires continuous attention, it is wrong to expect immediate results. Moreover, the dynamic scenario of SEO does not assure a sure shot way of success. The techniques keep on changing constantly and it becomes critical to keep abreast of the changing techniques and adjust the SEO strategies accordingly.

Small businesses should be patient in formulating SEO strategies and focus specifically on the needs of the buyers, content and plan their investment for long-term search engine marketing results.

  1. Neglecting the Local Intent:

Mobile friendly searches have dominated the vision of people towards the local businesses. Optimizing the site locally saves time, energy and serves as a success for your business. In order to improve the local intent and searches, small businesses shall include following strategies:

  • Creation of localized content that focuses on keywords and location.
  • Listing your local business on geographical directories.
  • Creating a mobile-friendly design for your website.


  1. Inappropriate NAP Information:

The name, address and phone number information provided should be correct and consistent on the entire platforms it is posted. Inconsistent NAP information tends to knock down your organic rankings. In case you have made changes in contact information or location of your business, make sure to rectify and cross check it with every instance it appears. Maintaining consistent contact information improves your business ranking and makes it easier for customers to reach you.

  1. Building Low-Value BackLinks:

Having multiple links targeting your business is good for SEO. As quality overrules the quantity, websites created for disseminating the links tend to degrade the SEO performance of small businesses.


Search Engine Optimization has a huge impact on the search engine rankings. Trying to fix the SEO problems may not be easy and calls the need for expert SEO services. Call us at 1-877-947-3351 to speak one of our SEO experts or request a free consultation from our side.


“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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