8 Surprising Facts About Printed Flyers

Flyer distribution by snail mail is one of the most popular forms of advertising for small to mid-size businesses!

But, did you know…
  1. Most people make buying decisions from online research.
    The truth is that printed flyers on doorsteps do work. They have been an effective method of advertising for decades. They are far more affordable than TV, Radio, print or Billboard advertising. However, they also fail, or at least fall short when compared to the online opportunities that are available to small businesses. Most people turn to the internet first when doing research about what to buy. Distributing flyers online offers businesses a 100% view rate that you simply cannot achieve with traditional mediums. In fact, consumers trust online banner ads 7% more than TV ads! Not to mention, they are much more affordable, which builds ROI nicely.
  2. Direct mail blasts entire neighbourhoods instead of a specific audience interested in your products and services.
    This means that you’re most likely spending your marketing investment on many of the wrong people. Trim the fat out of your campaign by using advertising channels that allow you to target more specifically, minimizing waste and increasing return on investment. 
  3. Printed flyers are seen at random times, instead of optimized times. That means more of them end up in the recycling.
    Depending on your industry, there will be better times throughout the day to put your business in front of your future customer’s eyes. For example, if you are a restaurant, reaching people between 4:30pm and 5:30pm has it’s advantages because that’s generally when they are likely to be making dinner plans. When people are shown ads for something they are already looking for, they are much more receptive to the content and far more likely to convert.   
  4. Marketers need to spend countless hours cleaning your mailing lists or you waste money on duplicates.
    Keeping direct mail lists clean and updated can be an enormous effort. Having well groomed lists of recipients is essential for efficiency. An unmanaged list can add thousands of unnecessary dollars to your campaign cost. 
  5. Poor weather conditions can ruin messages.
    Delivering flyers to car windshields or door steps leaves them vulnerable to the elements, and no matter how good your products and services may be, no one is going to bother with a waterlogged piece of advertising.  
  6. There is no option to change a printed message if there is an error, or a change to the promotion.
    Once flyers are sent to the printer, they are permanent. If there is a misprint you have two choices, either go with it, or throw them away and re-print. 
  7. Information is limited, there is only a small space to introduce your company.
    This is a major area where printed direct mail flyers fall short compared to online opportunities. It takes the receiver a significant extra step to find your website online to read more about you. They have to take the flyer to a computer or pull out their smartphone and Google you. Online advertising makes this process much more direct. If you can get your potential customers to visit you online, you have a much higher chance of getting a sale than from a simple printed flyer because it allows them to see the full range of your products and services, increasing the likelihood that they will find something they want or need. 
  8. Information cannot be easily shared with others in your customer’s networks unless they physically pass along your flyer.

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