8 Ways to Increase Blog Engagements

Have you been unable to attract visitors and readers despite putting immense effort into the blog section of your website? It is disappointing to have a blog that feels like a barren wasteland, where despite trying you are unable to increase engagement. However, it is your strategy you need to rework as you might be doing something wrong.

Here are ways that will help you attract readers to your blog and increase blog engagement.

  1. A responsive website

Don’t we all judge a book by its cover? In the case of web content, the cover is the website. If your website design does not appeal to the visitor, chances are he will lose interest in the content the website has to offer. In fact, visitors may not believe the information to be authentic and credible if the website appears spammy or outdated. It is hence important that the website of your blog has a speedy load, is responsive and remains updated.


  1. Captivating Headlines

Like with newspapers, reader engagement of web content too depends vastly on how successfully you capture the reader’s attention with the headline. It has a major impact on how many would actually go on to read your post further or simply skip to another source.

A catchy headline will definitely appeal to them making them want to read the content further. The headline should be catchy but must not give out everything the content has to offer or the content will seem repetitive.


  1. Create Great Content

A catchy headline can only trick a reader once. If you fail to provide quality content, even a catchy headline will fail to retain a reader and in fact, they may never return to your blog. The quality of your content should be of value to the audience and must appeal to them. Posting great content on your blog that helps your reader find solutions to problems or issues related to niche or content that is unique and provides great insights help increase user engagement.

A few characteristics of great content are:

-Should be unique and fresh

-Should compel the readers to take action

-Provide a viable solution to a problem

-Provide accurate information and statistics

-Data must be extracted from credible sources

-Must be concise and crisp

-Communication with the reader is necessary



  1. Write about emerging trends or newsworthy topics

If you’re the first to do it, you will definitely have an advantage over those who follow. Try to be on the lookout for new trends pertaining to your blog niche and write about them before anyone else in the blogger community.

This way, when your target audience searches with those keywords, not only are you likely to gain organic traffic but the user reliability on your website will increase since the your awareness about the niche will be exhibited.

Moreover, people are always looking for a reliable source that provides information about a particular industry without keeping them waiting for too long.



  1. Publishing new content

While it is essential you catch up on trends soon enough and post about it before it is all over the internet, it is equally important that you do not post too soon and too often as audience may not find the time to garner and process all the information on offer. Also important is that you do not overstuff your content with information. Use your analytics data to figure out the right frequency of posts that work best with respect to your blog.


  1. Promote content

Often, your content is up to the mark and you’re posting regularly with the right keywords but still not receiving enough traffic. You need to realize that it is not the content strategy that you need to change for better engagement. You are not marketing or promoting your blog enough. Hence, you are failing to reach out to potential audiences to spread awareness about your blog.


The easiest and cheapest way today to promote your blog is through social media. If you have never promoted through social media previously, begin with sharing your posts on Facebook and then try and add other platforms. This way you will be able to reach to interested audiences better.


  1. Credible backlinks

While the times to buy backlinks to increase search rankings is gone, it still works wonders for your blog to have a few backlinks from credible sources that are influential in your niche. Try and pitch to websites or businesses you believe may help increase your visibility with guest posts or backlinks.

Perhaps, even internal linking helps create a network for better user engagement, as they will not have to wander elsewhere for related information.


  1. Respond to comments

If you feel neglected at a store, you are likely to move out without making the purchase. Similarly, if your readers tend to feel you’re not listening to them and simply doing your own thing, they may begin to lose interest in your blog. Do not just blog and never turn back to it to check the reactions. It is only audience reactions that will help you understand what is working for your blog and thus work out a future course of action. Besides checking for any comments on the blog posts, it is also necessary that you reply to them in a personalized manner to encourage user engagement and build a loyal relationship with the readers.


If you are not getting comments on the blog despite page views, you may want to interact with the readers through social media or by posing questions and seeking there answers or recommendations.


A blog might be easy to set, but a smart strategy is what will help you stay afloat with gaining user engagement.

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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