9 Ways to Improve your Online Media Buy

80% of your campaign success is coming from 20% of your target audience – the people that you want to talk with, the most and are more likely to be receptive to your message. The question is how do you optimize your online advertising budget to identify your premium audience?

1. Start with a wide net of online advertising at lower cost (CPC) or cost per thousand advertising impressions (CPM). Some campaigns need to “start with a blast” and others “influence over time”.

2. Be specific about your offering, benefits and cost (if relevant) to attract people who are the best fit for your business. Don’t “overkill” with promises you cannot deliver on, make sure you’re honest and hitting the sweet spot.

3. Link campaigns to the most relevant page on your website, this may not always be your homepage to achieve the best results from paid search and email marketing campaigns.

4. Cut to the chase. Landing pages need to answer a simple question within 1…2…3 seconds, just to encourage your visitors to read it through. Be explicit about what you offer and what you want the prospect to do next.

5. Consider adding CPC/CPM campaigns on social media sites like Facebook or YouTube.

6. Stay with your prospects, follow them as they continue shopping and researching. Choose the most relevant sites (for example, a specific industry match) to remind them and motivate them to return to you and convert. Increase your bid cost on industry relevant sites – those are specific websites that already receive visits from your premium audience.

7. The people you follow are your premium prospects, step down your media buy ($bids) to “reminders” (1-5 daily reminders). Test different messages to motivate your premium audience, monitor the success of your message (conversion/CTR) with ReMarketing.

8. Prioritize sites that are also geo-targeted to your targeted audience (country, state, city) and consider their demographics as well (age group, income, language/ethnicity).

9. Use contextual targeting with your campaign – bring your message in front of your targeted premium audiences when they are reading about a topic that is relevant to your campaign (confirmed interest).

If you followed the “80/20 Rule of media buying” you are now in front of your premium audience! The people you advertise to are likely to know 1-5 other people, just like them, who may share similar interests (influenced marketing – “IM”). What do you do to motivate them to share their experience with your brand?

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