Another Win for Wisdek in the Google Engage All-Stars Competition

Vadim Leontyev, a member of Wisdek’s Account Management Team, is being flown by Google to the Google Engage All-Stars Summit in Mountain View, California – Google Headquarters. Leontyev will spend 2 days at the headquarters advancing his skills and knowledge and attending eye-opening sessions and workshops with other Google Ads leaders and experts.

Leontyev competed in and won the Google Engage All-Stars Competition this past fall. The whole purpose of the Google Engage program is to help online advertisers, like Leontyev, master the Google Adwords platform and to assist internet marketing agencies, like Wisdek, in growing their client base.

Vadim Leontyev, Account Management Specialist at Wisdek Corp.

“We are honored to have participated in the Google Engage Challenge this year,” said Eran Hurvitz, VP of Sales. “The Google Engage program allows us to stay up to date on the ever-changing Adwords platforms and helps us advance our strategies and techniques that would greatly benefit our customers.”

Only a select few marketing agencies and their representatives were invited to Google Headquarters and we were very lucky to be one of them. The competition, held in the fall of 2012, was fierce with hundreds of marketing agencies competing to help businesses grow through Google Advertising.

“This is another benchmark for Wisdek,” added Hurvitz. “We were able to navigate the storm and eventually take home the prize. Feeling self-assured, we have gained the confidence in our abilities to recognize a challenge and have built a toolkit of strategies that would help us effectively manage Ads campaigns.”

The agenda is set to be jam-packed and a rewarding experience for our resident Account Management Expert, Vadim Leontyev. Google intends to invite some of the biggest business and product leaders as well as engineers and developers of Ads. Leontyev is eager to meet with external speakers and experts, who are leaders in their field, and looks forward to hearing what they’re trying and how far along they’ve gotten.

This is the second time that Wisdek has topped the All-Stars Competition. In the Summer of 2012, Wisdek reached a milestone when Dimitri Konchin and Andrei Bradu brought in $50,000 in Ads revenue over the competition.

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