CD Moving LA

Local PPC Case Study on Moving Company in Los Angeles, CA


Initial state:

When account was taken over, the biggest concern client had was: money spent but barely any calls or email inquiries were coming in. This led to a very low number of jobs and therefore client’s ROI been so low, became negative investment. He was now almost convinced that Adwords is not for him, but he was willing to give it one more try with an assistance of a Marketing Company.


– Increase number if inquires under the same budget.

– Turn Adwords campaign into a profitable investment.


Customer’s Adwords account was set up on a very basic level of Adwords knowledge. Most keywords were set to broad match with NO negative keywords being used. A lot of search terms used by potential customers and clicked on were not relevant or sometimes not from proper targeting areas. None of the extentions were used. Neither remarketing or any sort of conversion tracking was used. Website evaluation also revealed potential loss of leads that needed improvement.



As adjustments and changes were been implemented, a noticeable gradual increase in inquires was recorded. Campaign was brought to a level when it was now giving sufficient amount of leads within the budget. After continuous monitoring with necessary small adjustments, customer was now ready and willing to invest more money into growing his business through Google Adwords.

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