IGS Security

Local SEO Case Study on Security Services Company in Montreal

logo1IGS Security is a security service company in Montreal, specializing in offering highly trained security guards, security patrols, secure transportation and everything else related to security.

Wisdek was contracted to build a bilingual (English and French) website for IGS Security in July 2014 and started SEO services once website was built in August of 2014. When the website was launched, none of the selected keywords ranked.

In just 2 months, all of the keywords were indexed in top 10 search pages of Google.ca and in 4 months there were some already on the first page of Google.ca search results. Fast forward to 2016 and all of the keywords are on first page of google.ca search results, with most found in first position.


IGS Security receives close to 700 visits per month from organic sources which would have cost close to $3,000.00 based on industry and cost per click, had the client used pay per click service to gain this traffic. Instead, client is paying a much lower monthly fee for SEO services while getting targeted, converting traffic to the website.


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