Color Psychology: How Your Website Colors Affect Conversions

Designing an effective website has much more to do than choosing the correct layout and uploading relevant content. What most people don’t know is that the choice of colors can determine the emotional reaction of visitors. Color can be used to guide emotions and how people react when they make contact with your site for the very first time. You can therefore improve your conversion rates by choosing the right colors for your website. You can stir the right emotions and reactions without even saying anything to your visitors when you have the right colors for the kind of products or services you have to offer. Here are some of the colors and what they symbolize to help you make the right choice for your website.

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Red – It is attention-grabbing, aggressive, exciting and energetic. It can be great for brands offering products or services that are a must have and sells with ease.

Yellow – This color will trigger a cheerful, positive, friendly and energetic feel to your site. It will help your visitors relax as they find out more about your brand.

Orange – It is modern, energetic, fun, happy, playful and childlike. It can work great for entertainment websites as well as for products and services.

Blue – It is a more professional color evoking trustworthiness, reliability and security. It can be great for a website offering professional services of products and with a high price tag to it since it convinces visitors on the value of investing in the brand.

Green – It is soothing, restful, refreshing and trustworthy. It can be a great color for startup sites to help visitors gain some confidence in the brand.

Brown – This color triggers a feeling of stability, durability and security. It can work amazing for any given website, regardless of the products or services it has to offer.

Beige – It is durable, classic and neutral making it ideal for brands that are confident in what they have to offer and do not necessarily have to entice visitors to make the right decisions.

Burgundy – The color is expensive and elegant. It can be amazing for sites targeting the high society.

Pink – It’s romantic, tender and soft and can work amazingly well for sites dealing with items or services falling into this category to stir the right reactions.

Purple – This color is mysterious, regal and sensual. It can work for different websites dealing with brands that have to look exactly sensual and mysterious.

Lavender – It is delicate and nostalgic and can be selected for websites that want to evoke such feelings around their services or products.

White – It brings in a feeling of cleanliness, sterility, innocence and simplicity. Your visitors will feel a great drive to trust in the brand value when you use this color when designing the site.

Black – This color is serious, powerful, bold, elegant and classic. It is a professional color that allows the brand to speak volumes without using any colorful language to stir desired reactions. It gives the website that serious feel to it.

You can choose your website colors based on the feelings or emotions you wish to stir in your visitors. The products or services you are offering can also guide you into the best colors for your design.

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