Why is Your Content Not Attracting Links and How to Fix It?

The online marketers must know the phrase “Content is King”. Much of the off-page SEO is concerned with just one activity and it is link building. When Google observes a particular content that would generate links for a particular keyword, it understands that the content is good and relevant enough for the particular set of keywords. Therefore, the content then ranks at the top of the SERPs for those particular keywords. The ranking algorithm of Google is aimed at using the links for determining the page ranks. You might have observed several sites having multiple backlinks in their content.

However, link building is not as easy as it used to be. If your content is not attracting links, then there could be some common issues with the content and you must fix them to get the desired results. Have a read:

#Problem 1: Your Content is Not Up To the Mark: When you have failed to create a linkable asset for your content, there are higher chances that you might not be able to generate the desired results. A “linkable” asset is the one on which the people or the readers are tempted to click upon. The creation of the linkable asset is the fundamental of the link-development strategies and then outreaching the efforts. If the readers are not able to link to your content or are ignoring all of the backlink emails, then it could be the biggest reason for the failure of the content marketing strategy adopted by you.

For the creation of a linkable content, it is imperative to select a topic that is trending and popular. The topic must have the potential to generate the links. In all, you must look for a linkable topic for your content. Then you need to upgrade your existing content into something that can create more linking for your website. You can also make use of some effective tools out there like Ahrefs or BuzzSumo to identify the most trending topics for the generation of proper links.

#Problem 2: Your Efforts are Not Substantial: If you go with the approach that when you write, people would link to the same, then you are in the dark. The end point is you will not receive the desired backlinks without striving hard enough. It is quite impossible to imagine the readers to stumble on your content, read it, like it and then link to the same. It should be you to reach out to them and influence them to link with your site. To achieve the same, you can try the following techniques:

  1. Search for the linkable topics to create the content.
  2. Create even better content than the list of the best blogs on the selected topics.
  3. Reach out to the possible sites that provide linking to the main site. Seek effective backlinks for your site.

#Problem 3: Requesting to the Wrong Blogs: There are instances when even after putting great efforts, you are not able to generate the desired linking for your content. The situation might be that you tried to create a linkable asset as well as created backlinks, still you failed at it. Sometimes, the reason for this kind of issue might be that you are requesting links on the wrong sites or blogs that might not generate the desired traffic or response to your site. To ensure the same, you must take care of certain parameters while reaching out to the blogs for links. Here are some:

  1. You must link to the blogs that are within the same niche as your content. When you would choose the blogs that are in the same niche as your content, then there are higher chances that they would link to your site. As your content is directly related to the intent of the readers in a particular niche, you are able to generate increased linking to your site. Another reason for creating links to the related blogs is that it will keep you secure from the Google penalties. It is a common issue that Google tends to penalize the sites that have the backlinks from the unrelated domains.
  2. You must create links to the blogs or sites that are interested in the topic of your content. Before sending any backlink email to any reputed site like Forbes, Lifehacker and so more, you must ensure that your target blogging site is excited and interested in what you are offering to them.
  3. You must also link to the sites or blogs that are interested in and welcome the idea of linking to the third-party blogging sites.


#Problem 4: The Request Email is Not Effective: If you have taken care of all the above parameters and still you are no getting the desired results, then you must have some flaw in the email request that you are putting forward in the direction of the target sites or blogs. The outreach emails generated by you must be credible and should not sound like a template. Sometimes, on the verge of the personalization of the outreach emails, the bloggers tend to overdo the act and deliver the emails that turn out to be ineffective. As the popular sites get a lot of the outreach emails from potential websites, it is imperative to keep them short and concise. You must aim at creating an email that defines your goals and content objectives precisely. Try to avoid elaboration as much as possible as this mail might likely go into the trash box.


If you are not able to generate the desired results with your content marketing, then there could be some flaws in the content or the marketing strategy. Email outreach has been considered to be one of the most effective techniques to get the desired backlinks to your site with the help of your engaging content. It all starts with creating a good, engaging and user-friendly content that the readers on the online platform like to see and read. Only then, they would link to your site.

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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