Customers Gain Confidence & Convenience with Google Business Photos

As new technologies emerge, it’s interesting to consider their implications. How will they impact the marketplace? How will they change the status quo, and modify the way that interactions occur for the better? With Google Business Photos for example, customers no longer have to be skeptical about shopping on-line, nor will they be left in bumper-to-bumper traffic on Saturday afternoon to be let down. Google business photos show customers exactly what products you have to offer from the comfort of their home and give them the confidence they need to make online purchases from anywhere.

Many consumers are still uneasy when it comes to online shopping. This may be the result of negative past experiences, or a general distrust in the online community as a whole. For example, one may have purchased a pair of Nike shoes online one time, only to find out they were knockoffs.

Businesses  that take advantage of Google Business Photos will give on-line shoppers a sense of security. Including them in your local listing on Google will not only allow customers to view the inside of your store and assert that it’s the real deal, but also examine your products in detail. Consumers will see that your business is not just another sketchy website selling knockoffs out of a basement. – If you are selling out of basement, consider a stronger focus on SEO for your business and promote your website with gusto in lieu of your local listing.

Google Business Photos can also function as a stepping stone to convert customers who only purchase products in-stores to become avid on-line shoppers. With the use of Google 3D tours, customers may become curious and browse around your shop on-line. This will allow customers to become more comfortable, which eventually may lead them to make on-line purchases from your store.

Google 3D tours can also be a great way to attract new customers. The ambience of your location can create a ‘wow’ factor that gives consumers an incentive to come check out your store in person.

Due to Google 3D tours being offered by Wisdek complaints about your store hours will no longer exist, as this service will allow your store to be open 24/7. Customers can now to do all the browsing they want at anytime of the day.

With the help of Google 3D tours provided by Canada’s first authorized Google Business Photos Agency Wisdek complaints from your customers will be a thing of the past, as this service will allow you to reach them anytime, anywhere and help them get ready to do business with you.

 & Malcolm 

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