Don’t be surprised if you find a few unknown Tweets appearing on your timeline

Don’t be surprised if you find a few unknown Tweets appearing on your timeline within the next few weeks and months. They most probably come from Twitter’s own timeline and have been sent on to you because Twitter considers them to be relevant to the type of Tweets you engage with, or popular and therefore worth passing on to your account!

This is all part of Twitter’s new policy to introduce users to Promoted Tweets from new people who you may not otherwise have come across. The new practice began as an experiment some months ago but is now to become a permanent addition to the Twitter service.


To find out more you might like to consult Twitter’s Frequently Asked Question page under the query entitled “What is a Twitter timeline?”

There you will see a brief explanation talking about the new policy of adding popular or relevant Promoted Tweets to other user timelines. Twitter says that the Promoted Tweets are selected according to a range of different signals, including the number of people who are choosing to interact with the Tweet and its popularity. Twitter says the whole point of the new policy is to make each person’s timeline more interesting and relevant.

It would be appear that so far the majority of the Tweets that Twitter is re-circulating are those that have been marked as favorites by people you probably are already following. This is a marked break from practices up to now when Twitter would only send on sponsored tweets or re-tweets but never from users you have not requested to follow.

Twitter says that the Promoted Tweets will appear only once on every timeline, towards the top. If you are not interested in what the Tweet has to offer you can delete the Promoted Tweet by clicking on “dismiss”.

It is not yet clear how Twitter users feel about the new policy although it would be likely that many Twitter users will not be happy with the change and see it as an invasion of privacy and breach of confidentiality.

Twitter may consider that it is acting in user’s best interests but users themselves do not necessarily welcome the change. How do you feel?

Would you Buy Direct from Twitter?

Twitter has also announced that it is experimenting with direct sales from select Twitter accounts to which you have chosen to subscribe.

A small number of US Twitter users will be sent Tweets from a group of Twitter test partners (including nonprofit organizations such as The Nature Conservancy (@nature_org), as well as brands including Burberry (@burberry) and Home Depot (@HomeDepot), and artists such as Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) and Hunter Hayes (@HunterHayes) that are selling goods that are not on sale elsewhere via their Twitter accounts.

All buyers need to do is click on the ‘Buy” button and they will be sent additional information about the product and will select from different shipping and payment options.

Twitter says this is all part of its efforts to add additional functionality to the site and to enhance shopping from mobile smartphones and other portable devices.

Twitter says that there are plans to expand the sales service further in the coming weeks if all goes well and initial pitches show promise.

Twitter’s new sales feature is being developed in partnership with the following platforms: Stripe (@stripe), Musictoday (@Musictoday), Gumroad (@gumroad), and Fancy (fancy), and there are more partners ready and waiting to come on board shortly.

Among the many other brands, artists and non-profit organizations that have signed up to sell via Twitter are:

Brad Paisley (@bradpaisley), Beartooth (@beartoothband), Burberry (@burberry), Death From Above 1979 (@dfa1979), Dan+Shay (@DanAndShay), DonorsChoose (@DonorsChoose), Demi Lovato (@ddlovato), GLAAD (@glaad), Eminem (@eminem), Global Citizen (@GlblCtzn), GLIDE (@HomeDepot), Keith Urban (@keithurban), Kiesza (@kiesza), Megadeth (@Megadeth), Mike Stud (@mike_stud), The Nature Conservancy (@nature_org), Pharrell (@pharrell), Panic! At The Disco (@panicatthedisco), (RED) (@RED), Paramore (@paramore), Soundgarden (@soundgarden), Ryan Adams (@TheRyanAdams), The New Pornographers (@TheNewPornos), twenty one pilots (@twentyonepilots), 9/11 Day (@911Day) and Wiz Khalifa (@wizkhalifa).

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