How to Drive Revenue in 2017 With Intelligent Internet Marketing

The year 2016 was amazing for businesses that chose to market their products and services online. They knew the power of targeted audience, their best performing online channels and great methodologies of customer engagement.

Business Analysts predicts a great expansion in digital-centric markets. They foresee emerging digital banks, online shopping completely taking over big-branded stores and the manufacturers selling online.

For 2017, the marketers need to develop a multifaceted digital marketing potential to create their presence online. With this massive shift in digital landscape, online marketers need to embrace effective and intelligent internet marketing to stay ahead of their competitors.

Drilled below are digital trends that will drive you great revenue in 2017:


Maintain Higher SERP Rankings

Though, a lot of changes are expected in search algorithm, search marketing will still remain the priority list of webmasters. Every second lot of information is being added to web pages across the web. So, more updates are expected to roll in 2017.

The trick is to remain authentic, use original and informative content and use only white hat techniques to promote your SERP rankings. Make your website user friendly.

Secondly, Voice search is growing and will continue to grow further. Your search marketing strategy should focus that as well.

Thirdly, Use a responsive website design to make it compatible across all devices.


Expand Social Marketing

The social media platforms are emerging conversion channels. Social platforms have the potential to convert prospects into direct customers. Their innovative targeting and remarketing features have lured the online marketers more towards social channels. These days nearly all internet users are on some or the other social platform. No webmaster can underestimate the reach of social media. You can connect to targeted audience, engage them and encourage them to convert.


The trick is to find the prospective popular social channels for your business and get engaged into communities and groups. Create Social Campaigns and built an organic following with great relationships. Interact well with people and Give humanistic and personal response.


This will help you to keep updated with current trends and share your message to a larger number of people.


Social media is becoming a promising avenue for sales thus offering you skyrocketing ROI. E-commerce companies can create paid campaigns for prompt sale across the boards. Platforms like Instagram and facebook are offering instant purchase.

Business like real estate etc can use virtual reality feature. A 360- degree VR video can bring you more revenue.


Invest in Paid Marketing, It’s worthy

The year 2017 is being said ‘the adoption year of audience targeting’. You will see the increase in personalization and audience targeting. So, PPC can be a great idea to deliver your message to the right audience. Hence, offering you more sale.

If you are an e-commerce unit, you will have the advantage of being shown in shopping ads as Google has increased the number of shopping ads unit on the first SERP.

You can also try app advertising as app indexing and deep linking affects your search rankings.

Also, There is a lot of competition in internet marketing, so is the race to secure the online space. PPC can allocate you space in the first pages of search engine which is a tedious job through SEO.

Run Email Marketing Campaigns

Analysts are expecting 2017 bright for email marketers. It is predicted that there will a revolution in email designs, more automation is foreseen. Big Data will help us to send more personalized emails which will have a better open rate. Your chances to convert the leads are more.

Jumpstart with nurturing new subscribers. Send them offers and express gratitude. Strategize your new year marketing plan keeping in mind the mobile. Input extra efforts of previewing the email creatives before hitting send button. Make your website responsive for better customer experience.

Mobile Marketing should make to your list on top

Google has announced AMP and mobile index. Google is creating an improved search index for mobile devices exclusively. It is adding accelerated mobile pages in search results to let mobile users see quick loading websites.

This will encourage more people to switch to mobile devices for surfing. Hence your Marketing strategy should have a space for Mobile Marketing and optimization.


Live video streaming

Live Video Streaming has taken over the traditional methods of advertising. Earlier live video streaming was confined to few dedicated platform, now it is possible on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Create a live video ad embedded with the buyer’s need and run a video marketing campaign on social media. Show off all your unique propositions in the video. It is easy to record and share live streams. The user doesn’t even need to click it. It’s a great way of sharing information. You will find the richness of visual in terms of returns.


Focus on Content marketing

A good content can compel your audience to read what you have to offer. Create and distribute informative content to capture the targeted audience. This will get you loyal customers without emptying your pockets.

A great content has a tendency to make your buyer stick to your page. Unique and high-quality content will reward your SEO efforts, convert your PPC clicks and make your PR successful. Ultimately, It should be the part of your digital strategy to incur revenue.


Wrapping up


The above-stated strategies may help your draw an effective Internet Marketing plan.

A good webmaster is never blown away by new techniques, implementations, and strategies. He adapts himself to those changes utilize those opportunities. 2017 will be yours if you put in consistent efforts and good implementation of marketing strategies.

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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