How to Generate Leads through Content Marketing – 5 Tips

What do you think about lead generation and conversion? Is it tough to generate leads for the business you/your client run?

Google is the major search engine which is powerful enough to understand the paid ways of generating leads. It may throw you out of the race by updating its algorithms or by its current algorithm. The technology giant is capable of detecting fresh, unique, and informative content among the plethora of data.

So, here are the 5 amazing Tips to Generate Leads through Content Marketing –

  1. Webinars – Guarantee of Lead Generation if you’re doing it correctly!

You can consider webinars an effective marketing tool for the quick lead generation, provided the presentation is attention-gaining. The knowledgeable influencers with great attributes for attracting the audience are needed to make such events successful. If the mentor is not able to deliver the real insights of the topic, it will not make any difference to your business.

Do not charge the people for the webinar and keep it short. Long webinars are beneficial when you already have a great impact on visitors. For using this lead acquisition tool effectively, you need to be a fluent and knowledgeable speaker. If you are not good enough then hire or partner up with someone who can generate leads for you.

  1. Publish White Papers and E-books

E-books have a great number of online readers who are ready to spend some bucks on something which is useful and worth the money. Have some knowledge to spread? Publish e-books, informative e-books or white papers or case studies are great lead magnets nowadays.

With your e-books, the following intent should be fulfilled –

  • You are teaching or educating your potential leads about what they want to learn.
  • You have to show your grasp on the same subject, in which they are interested.
  • Direct your leads to sales funnels to generate revenue and apply upselling for increasing it.

Particularly white papers are very popular at present. The reason is – people are craving for the information, figures, facts and useful data which can help them grow. The thing to remember is, always make the whitepapers as well as e-books actionable. You can apply the upselling method on these products to increase your chances.

  1. Broadcast Your Podcasts

There are many people, including me, who love hearing podcasts. Podcasts are another way of getting valuable customers. You can tell your audience about your future moves, past experiences which can benefit them. Spreading knowledge is always beneficial for you in the business as it acts as a great lead magnet.

Never do it straight-forward. Even you can’t hear someone bragging for 20 minutes in the plain sales pitch, right?

Plan it around your audience’s business and prevent direct marketing tactics to take over the podcast you are delivering. Keep your podcast interesting, knowledge-filled and lead generating so that it can act as a good deal for both parties.

Send links to your subscribers and use your contacts to share your podcast to their groups and it’ll work. You can ask the people to subscribe to your website or buy some product or use your service without actually letting them know about marketing.

  1. Public Events, Get together and Contests

The most influential way of grabbing people’s brain is to meet them face to face. That’s my personal favorite as it always yields the best results. The attendees, who will be the part of that get-together or public event, are actually the target audience. When you are interacting with the target audience directly and they are already interested in the product/service you are trying to sell, probability of making the purchases are highest.

By hosting contests, surveys, real-life events, and other competitions online, you can also capture the leads. Everyone likes free stuff, and that’s where the trick happens.

Provide the content for free when your target completes the survey or win contests. As they have earned it after some efforts, the attention being paid will be likely more than usual. Add the actionable elements whereas there is a scope and you’ll surely succeed in generating leads from there.

  1. Use Videos and Visual Content

Articles and blogs, along with other methods of lead generation are great but do it works well for everyone?

The human brain is made to work mostly with the visual content and that’s what can help you right now. Put valuable videos on YouTube, create infographics, make good pictures and add Call to Action (CTA) with them. Studies say that video content is the most powerful among all where infographics also have decent value.

Not only in your networks, try putting all those contents on multiple relevant websites and encourage readers to share your content. Videos get the most number of shares than other forms of content. Viewers take more interest in them as these are interactive and hence, act as the most suitable medium for awareness sharing.

There’s another trick to make this method even promising. Make an amazing trailer of the content which you actually want to share and let people view only the highlights (enough to tempt them). Now ask them to perform some action as subscribing you or leaving mail addresses if they want the complete video. It works so perfectly that lead generation will become an easy task for you.

Want more tips on how to generate leads through Content Marketing? Just let us know by mail or comments and we’ll assist you in every possible way.

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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