How to Get Better Local Search Engine Rankings in Toronto on a Budget

Do you own or run a business in Toronto? If you do, chances are you’d have noticed how complicated SEO has gotten over the years, however being complicated doesn’t necessarily imply that the SEO will incur greater expenditure. With businesses local to Toronto, this is especially true as instead of having to compete with businesses across the world or throughout the country, your business is competing simply with the local business in your area, thus increasing the probability of your business to stand out.

For example, you are running a party organizer business in Toronto, you do not have to invest your time and resources into gaining a high rating in the global searches. You have to rather focus on attaining better rankings, perhaps ranking the first on the search engine or featuring on the first page at least, when people search for “party organizers in Toronto”

Wondering how to make it possible to do so without a huge marketing budget? It’s easy to attain higher rankings and gain increased visibility simply by upping your SEO game for your Toronto business, without having to burn your pockets in the process. Here is how that’s possible:


Focus on incredible content

Only being well versed with responsive design, meta tags and SEO will not help at the end of the day. What actually matters and cannot be replaced is powerful, relevant content. You must seek to increase knowledge about how to blog. Also, you can consider adding multimedia like videos and pictures to your website. It is often noticed that a website that has added elements beyond plain text can attain higher ranking and lower bounce rates than those comprised of only text. However, with adding multimedia, you need to be sure that the website load time doesn’t get impacted. Not only are customers and prospects likely to move away from a clunky site but also Google penalizes the websites that have a slow load time.


Don’t Forget to Build your Citations

An online reference to your company name, address, phone or website, also known as a citation is important for your business to build an online presence. They may be present in the Google My Business Listing or other business directories relevant to Toronto including,, Yahoo!, Bing Local, and Yelp. These citations or references may also originate from an online news article or blog post that mentions your product and company name as a reference. For you to attain better local search engine rankings, you must try to improve the quality of the mentions of your business.

Moreover, you need to ensure that all the information listed in the citation including address, business name, phone no. etc. should be consistent with every citation to avoid confusion. Consistency is the key to establishing trust and relevancy for Google. Thus conflicting or inaccurate information on any of these citations can lead to negative impact on rankings.

Encourage Online Reviews

To yield some serious local SEO results in Toronto, online reviews can play wonders without you having to fret too much. In fact, a study revealed that 90% potential customers tend to get influenced by positive online reviews in making their buying decisions. It also reported that about 70% customer were willing to travel upto 50 miles just to deal with a business that has good reviews.

Add a healthy dose of social media

Your social media accounts speak volumes about your business. High quality content on your social media pages may have a huge impact on your rankings in the local SEO results. While Google clearly states that they do not take social media accounts directly into focus while determining rankings, however, it does factor in social signal including the measure of daily social media activity and the number of shares, likes or votes your content is likely to attract. Hence, to only have a profile on Facebook and twitter isn’t enough. You should look to increase your social media presence through varied leading social media platforms and you must focus on posting quality content on your pages besides ensure regular customer interaction for better online reviews and search rankings.


Do you rely on local customers for your business to prosper? For a local business relying on customers within Toronto, localized SEO is your key to increasing online visibility as well as your website traffic. You do not need a huge marketing budget in hand if you abide by all the tips above, or you could choose to outsource your SEO solutions from Toronto SEO experts to help you attain search engine domination and first page rankings.

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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