How to Get Great Reviews for Local SEO

In this digital era, online marketing holds a big deal for every business. If you suck at online marketing and local SEO, you are probably out of the game by now. Local SEO uses search engines like Google, Yelp, Superpages, Qype, etc. and undoubtedly these are the most important search engines for your business growth. And the major part of the success is based on the reviews. Reviews of the customers – What they thought, how good are your services, how you behave with customers etc. and a good or bad rating. It does not matter whether your page has the top rank in Google or any other search engines or not, if your reviews are poor, you are doomed too.

But if you think that these local SEO measures are just a speculation, let me tell you it is not. If you search for any restaurants or business, you will get those names on top that have the highest rankings i.e. the most reviewed listing has a greater chance of maximum local SEO visibility and vice versa.


So undoubtedly, more reviews mean higher ranking, more traffic, and lead. From a recent survey on a famous internet marketing blog, it has been seen that 90% of customers are influenced by a positive ranking than any other thing.

But to be honest, getting reviews for any business page online is a tough task. Sometimes it can be a serious challenge because not every customer is interested in giving you reviews unless they have experienced something good or bitter. And for this, many SEO companies and businesses use fake reviews too. And if you are thinking too about fake reviews, don’t! Google and other search engines are very strict about it and that can have a negative impact.

But do not worry. It is not that hard to get reviews from your clients if you know some tricks and tactics. And what are those? Let us have a look!

  1. Ask your customers – This is the first and the simplest way to get reviews. Ask your customers to give a review about the service when their experience with your business is positive. Design your website in such a way that clients can give you reviews or you can get reviews from other websites too such as TripAdvisor or Zomato. However, there are some simple rules which should be followed while asking.Those are as follow –
  • Politely ask a customer to give a rating and a review when they are done using your service. But remember, do not offer any gift or giveaway in return, because that may lead you to warn from the search engines.
  • Do include a suggestion in all newsletters. However, do not end up asking your friends, relatives for a review.
  • Do set up review format which can be handled by a layman. Do not complicate it unnecessarily.


  1. Customer Feedback Software – Technology can be your best savior or the worst enemy; and it all depends on how you use it. The latest customer feedback software is one of the blessings of technology if you use it in the right way. With the help of this software, customers do not have to give reviews instantly; rather they can mail you the reviews. On based off the reviews, this software will categorize them based on the ratings. This system has many advantages like – it simplifies things, and it is better to ask for reviews. Also, it lists out the emails of every customer, so everyone will know that the reviews are genuine. ‘GetFiveStars’ ( is one of such software systems to use.


  1. Social Media – Well, it is undeniable that social media is a great platform to form your client base. And if you are seeking reviews for your business, social media can be the best way possible. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Zomato, TripAdvisor, etc. are the leading media platforms that can be used. A simple message or two a month can give you heaps of positive reviews on Facebook, Zomato or TripAdvisor. So, be well associated with every social media platform because that is the starting point of your business growth.


It is not easy to get reviews from customers. But once you get some reviews from a few customers, the next reviews will come organically, and that will not require similar effort. So evidently, it is the first reviews which need some hard work and homework. Follow the above three ways to build a strong foundation on Google, Yelp or Qype and drive new customers without any hassle. However, these techniques will not give you the top ranking instantly. You will have to wait to get the effects. And above all, be a customer dedicated business because ‘The customer is always right!’

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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