Google Ads And Bing Ads – Details About The Two

Are you using pay per click advertising (PPC) in your online business today? If not then you’re missing out big time on the amount of profits that you can make. This form of advertising has become a staple in the online marketing industry. It’s almost the first thought that people think of when they think about advertising online. And you should add this wonderful marketing medium to your marketing plan.

Pay per click internet advertising model

So there are basically 2 major pay per click search engines on the internet. One of them is Google Ads, and the other one is Bing Ads. We will discuss both in detail in just a little bit. I think you should just stick to these 2 advertising platforms if you’re going to do PPC.

There are other PPC programs out there, but they are just not as supreme as the 2 that I just mentioned earlier. If you can harness and leverage both of these programs to your advantage… you could have a field day in your business. Let’s go over Google Ads first. Here’s what you need to know:

1) Google Ads

Google Ads is obviously owned by Google. Google is the largest search engine on the internet, and naturally, they would have the biggest pay per click program on the internet also. But Ads is truly competitors. It almost doesn’t matter what niche you go in online these days. If you’ve thought of a niche to sell in, more than likely, there’s going to be someone already on Ads trying to gain market share in that niche.

But you should fear not. You can still make a ton of money in a niche – no matter how much competition there is. It all boils down to your marketing strategy. You have to come up with a compelling marketing strategy that will allow you to maximize the full potential of the profits that you can make, if you’re going to survive online.

And this doesn’t just apply to Google Ads… this applies to any kind of advertising that you do online. Let’s take a look at Bing Ads:

2) Bing Ads

Bing Ads is awesome too. They aren’t as large as Google Ads – but it’s a combination of Bing and Yahoo. So you can still get mega traffic from this program. And guess what? Although there are a lot of people who use Bing Ads… you won’t have as much competition as you would with Google Ads.

Some people solely use Bing Ads. The traffic is great, and people see results. But like any PPC campaign, your settings will make all the difference. Some people like to use broad match to get the most clicks as possible… but this is a bad idea in my opinion. Also, some people love to use the content network on both Bing and Ads. They get a ton of clicks, but VERY little conversions.

I suggest that you test both of these PPC platforms out. If you want more traffic to your site – and traffic that converts… you should take advantage of these 2 marketing mediums today.

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