Google Ads or Bing Ads – which PPC advertising for small businesses?

The reason that Pay per Click advertising has become a key strategy for many small-medium sized businesses is that it has been shown to really work in terms of expanding markets and making businesses thrive.

However, the big question for many business owners looking to invest in Pay per Click ads for the first time is which service to go with – Google Ads which has the largest market share but is intensively competitive, or Bing which has a smaller overall reach but is significantly cheaper and easier to rank for in terms of popular keywords?

In an ideal word, clearly you would advertise on both Google and Bing – but the marketing budgets of smaller businesses do not generally allow for this.

So how can you decide which platform would be best for you?

google-adwords-1024x546Why Choose Google

– Google is by far the most popular search engine both across Canada and throughout the world.

– When your Google Ads ad gets placed it has more potential audience reach than on any other search engine.

– Google Ads ads are used across various popular platforms including Facebook, Monster, Viacom, Amazon and more.

– Google Ads has worked wonders for many small to medium sized businesses.

– Google Ads works particularly well for those small to medium-sized businesses that choose to advertise with long-tail keywords and niche terms, which are usually quite inexpensive.



Why choose Bing?

– Bing is used for around 13% of all internet searches in Canada – this is a significant amount.

– Bing Ads are also shared across the Yahoo Bing Network to partner platforms including Amazon, Facebook, Viacom, Monster and many others.

– Bing Ads may offer a better overall return on investment.

– Bing Ads cost per clicks are 50-70% cheaper than with Google Ads.

– Bing Ads impressions are even cheaper – up to 90% cheaper than with Google Ads.

– Bing Ads Cost per acquisition is also cheaper.

– With Bing Ads there is less competition for target keywords so it is easier and usually cheaper to get your advert placed based on the most popular search terms.

– With Bing Ads, small businesses can more easily rank high and so get increased ad exposure despite a relatively small marketing budget.

– Lesser competition also means that niche ads on Bing that use long-tail and low volume keywords also tend to work well for small to medium sized businesses.

– Bing Ads follow a very similar, intuitive format to Google Ads and so is just as easy to learn to use as Ads.

– Similarly, the straightforward format means it is easy to integrate and import data from your Google Ads campaign into Bing Ads.

Obviously there is no clear-cut answer as to whether Bing Ads or Google Ads will work best for you.

You might want to start out by finding out how many of your browsers come to your site from Google and Bing as this will give you a good indication of the which platform your current clientele prefer to use.

Perhaps if you currently advertise with Google Ads, it would be worthwhile transferring a similar campaign over to Bing Ads just to see how it works for you and to be able to compare results vs financial outlay.

Likewise, if you currently work with Bing Ads, it might be worthwhile seeing how the same sort of advert ranks within Google Ads – and whether you succeed in converting more browsers into customers and what the costs of this are per client.

After all, the ultimate the goal of all Bing Ads and Google Ads campaigns is to make the online business really thrive by using your available advertising budget in the most cost-effective way possible for maximum exposure and maximum conversions.

We look forward to hearing from you to find out which of the two Pay per Click platforms works best for your small-medium sized business clients.

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