Google Analytics: 11 Lesser Known Tricks for Achieving Great SEO

Google Analytics is an excellent tool for showing you where you need to make changes to increase the number of traffic conversions from your website or mobile app. and so grow revenue.

The basics of Google Analytics are easy to master – but here are 11 lesser-known tricks that will help to improve your online business.


1 Creating Customer Audience Segments

Google Analytics enables you to divide your customer audience into segments for improved analysis and comparison. You can choose to create segments according to sections of content or for your site as a whole, and then compare and contrast results between each segment. In this way you can narrow down the focus to see where content is received to best effect and continue to adapt and test new content so that it is optimized for each specific customer audience group.

2 Know your Funnel Conversion Tools

Funnel Conversion Tools let you see and understand how your user audience navigates your site, and at which points they lose interest. Once you can identify where interest drops off, you can make the necessary improvements in order to keep customer attention and so stimulate conversions. Use the Google Analytics territories feature to clarify customer conversion patterns, and see when and by which device they pursue their interest in what you have to offer. With this tool you will be able to use a/b testing methods to test your content often and early and tweak it until you get it right.

3 Make Sure it Works!

Don’t just assume that because you are using Google Analytics, all is well. Flawed data can be just as bad if not worse than zero data. You need to be sure that your funnel conversion and visualization tools are set up properly by someone who understands the code and knows what they are doing. Be sure to test the set up and get a complete overview of what it is doing to be confident that all is working as you would like.

4 Find your Followers Using Trackbacks

Trackbacks is a page under the social section of Google Analytics – and not everyone knows it is there, or what it does. Trackbacks will give you an easy to read and clear listing of exactly who is linking back to you and when. You could use this data to reward your earliest fans by recognizing their support and offering them special coupons or other deals.

5 Google Analytics weak point

One of the weak points of Google Analytics is that it won’t give you data about sales or conversions that occur via the phone – and you need to know about these to have a complete picture of all your conversions. It is well worth buying into a phone tracking platform, such as Mongoose Metrics, that will work directly with Google Analytics to complete your picture and let you know which keywords and channels are driving the most phone sales. Otherwise you overall data is flawed.

6 Make the most of the Site Speed Feature

Site Speed will let you see how long it takes to load each page and permit you to make adjustments if it is taking too long and putting off potential clients.

7 Don’t Forget Popcorn Metrics

Popcorn Metrics is a fast and easy way to specify your goals – and you don’t have to use code to implement it. Instead, just go through your site and follow user flow for yourself, adding tags where needed. A great time and headache saver!

8 Make the Most of Conversion Goals

Remember to make use of the conversion tracking goals feature. Though many people know about this, not everyone makes use of it and it is actually very useful. This tool will let you know if users are behaving in the way you want on your website – and to make changes until you get them to meet your goals.

9 Distinguish between New and Returning Visitors

Google Analytics User Flow feature will show you which pages on your site are working and which are not performing as required. With this information you can work to improve underperforming pages and develop better site balance. In particular, look carefully at how much time each user spends on each page, and drop off rates for each page, particularly with regard to new versus repeat visitors.

10 The URL Builder feature is not to be ignored!

Google Analytics URL Builder is easy to use and allows customized campaign parameters to be added to your URLs. This feature is very helpful in enabling you to track responses to posts on social media, email newsletters, guest posts and so on.

11 Remember to First Set your Goals, then go into Google Analytics

Focus on your desired outcomes by setting your goals before you start up Google Analytics. If you know where you want to get, it is far easier to decide on an approach to get there.

We hope these tips are useful. Let us know if you have any favorite Google Analytic tools that you would like to share.

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