Google penalty removal


Has your website recently lost traffic for no apparent reason? Our penalty removal service systematically identifies areas that are in direct conflict; with Google requirements (like anchor text, low-quality link profiles and more) and repairs them to get your site reinstated.

Regain Rankings & Traffic

This service removes all technical roadblocks to get your website traffic back up to speed.

Get the Facts

Our linking reports will show you exactly what needs to be removed from your site and why.

Remove Bad Links

67% of all links online are considered to be harmful, or “unnatural.” We manually remove them.

Save Time

We’ve successfully removed Google penalties for countless clients. We know what works. Get it done right the first time!

Your Website Was Likely Penalized If:

Who’s affected by Google Updates? 97% of websites had their traffic impacted by Google Panda and Penguin updates in 2012-2016 and counting.

  • Your website has lost traffic for no known reason
  • You’ve invested in paid links, spam blogs or articles
  • You’ve created pages specifically for cross-linking
  • You have low quality articles with keyword stuffing
  • Google sent you a letter about “unnatural” links attached to your website


We analyze your link profile with all available tools such as Google Webmaster, SEOMOZ and aHREFs, then manually check each link for quality. Quality factors include: anchor text, external links, age, Dmoz and Yahoo listing, relevancy, Alexa rank and SEOMOZ authority.



During this stage some of the harmful links will be removed right away as we contact the owners of the sites that need to be disconnected from yours. This is effective about 50% of the time and helps to speed up the process of link removal. For the remaining links that were not removed we will contact hosting companies and ask for them to be removed, in some cases a DMCA will be filed.



After your initial evaluation and low quality links reports, we will also be sending you link removal reports so you can follow along with the work that is being done. After 2 weeks there may still be a final list of links that require removal. For these links, the last and final option is to ask Google for a manual disavow, or de-indexation of the links from your property.


You get disavow report outlining which links were submitted to Google for removal.It will take an additional 2-3 weeks for them to be processed by Google for your penalty to be removed.

Approximately 70% of the reason why one website is ranked higher than another is based on the other websites that are linking to it. Properly networked websites with healthy link profiles are given precedence over websites that have an irrelevant network comprised of low quality or “spam links.” Grooming your link profile regularly is important for building and securing a reliable source of traffic for your business.

Why Wisdek should handle your penalty removal?

We’ve invested a substantial amount of time and dollars into Panda, Penguin and Updates research. After auditing over 10,000 affected websites and tracking metrics, we finally have the solution. Now you can benefit from our knowledge and expertise.

We’re experts at on-site search engine optimization.

We’ve built our business on providing a meticulous and detailed service to ensure all of the correct on-site work is done in order to satisfy Google from a technical perspective. As we are analyzing your link profile, we’ll take a look under the hood of your website and let you know if any other elements of your search engine optimization are in need of adjustment.

We have a track record of success.

We’ve helped thousands of our clients get ahead in Rankings Online, and can do the same for you!

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