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Ads on Google Ads Sponsored Search Results put your business in front of large audiences in an instant.
Sponsored advertising on Google is a premium choice for generating high-quality traffic quickly.

New Customers Start Your Google Ads PPC

FREE SETUP & GOOGLE WELCOME CREDIT. We have launched and managed 1000’s of PPC campaigns. With performance in mind, live support and easy-to-understand reporting, we deliver the best value for your advertising dollar.

Current Ads Users Free Evaluation of PPC Campaign

FREE EVALUATION, CAMPAIGN OPTIMIZATION & GOOGLE WELCOME CREDIT. In 24 hours you will know if you are getting highest ROI on the budget. Wisdek is holding a Premier Google Partner & winner of All-Star Google competition 2014-2015.

The Best Out Of Your Marketing Dollar

Allocation of your budget to generate more marketing-qualified leads with eporting, ongoing adjustments and improvements to your campaign. We make sure that you get quality website inquiries able to convert them to the real business.

Google Certified PPC Managers

We are certified as Premier Google Partner company and each manager is accredited by Google. Since 2001 we manage PPC campaigns on Google & other paid search platforms.

Fixed Google Budgets & Fees

Get the maximum number of leads out of a fixed monthly budget. Low cost per inquiry allows you to measure the success and scale your PPC campaign.

Direct Google Support

Top Google Ads Managers are accessible through Wisdek to participate PPC campaigns evaluation and restructuring. New Google products in Beta testing are available to our clients to maximize their ROI and open new possibilities.

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Bringing Immediate traffic

Instant placement on the first page of Google's Search Results

Ongoing Lead Generation

Use it as your major source of getting new business

Seasonal, Event & Last Minute Deals

Use PPC services when you need them the most

2x or 3x First Page Presence

Add PPC to Map Listing and SEO placement make it 2x or 3x presence

PPC Management – Key Points

To run a well-optimized Ads campaign we pay close attention to elements like:

You get disavow report outlining which links were submitted to Google for removal. It will take an additional 2-3 weeks for them to be processed by Google for your penalty to be removed.

Approximately 70% of the reason why one website is ranked higher than another is based on the other websites that are linking to it. Properly networked websites with healthy link profiles are given precedence over websites that have an irrelevant network comprised of low quality or “spam links.” Grooming your link profile regularly is important for building and securing a reliable source of traffic for your business.


We’ve built our business on providing a meticulous and detailed service to ensure all of the correct on-site work is done in order to satisfy Google from a technical perspective. As we are analyzing your link profile, we’ll take a look under the hood of your website and let you know if any other elements of your search engine optimization are in need of adjustment.


We’ve helped thousands of our clients get ahead in Rankings Online, and can do the same for you!

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