Google Trusted Agency Sales Associates

Tired of endless cold calls? Let our Trusted Sales Associates book appointments for you,
and more!

  Book Photo-Shoots Effortlessly  Save Time 
  Generate Residual Income – Add Online   Marketing to Your Services (optional) Get Details Work With a Google Trusted Agency – Increase
Your Authority! 
  Use our Case Studies & Build Trust  Skip Time-Consuming Moderation (optional) 
  Focus on Appointments, Not Cold Calls!



 ** We only provide this service to one photographer per city in order to avoid increased competition among our clients**

Custom solutions and combination services are available upon request. You can choose to remain a TIP (Trusted

Photographer) as well to continue to generate your personal sales and leads.

Available Features:



The process of going door to door, or using Google’s SalesForce system is time consuming and inefficient. Since lead sourcing is necessary, it’s better to have a lower-cost employee to do it.



MARKETING & BRANDING Landing large clients like malls and hotels can be difficult for independent photographers competing against big agencies for the business. Working with us, you’ll be able to leverage our Google Partner status and a variety of successful case studies from some of the ground breaking projects we’ve already completed.

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Being Google Partners and Google Media partners allows us to open doors for you; with almost unlimited capabilities in the online sphere and preferential treatment from Google technicians.


MODERATION Photo moderation is extremely time consuming. Our research shows that the busiest photographers outsource this part to agencies so that they can focus on conducting more photo-shoots.


Create residual income for your photography business by offering online marketing services. Help your clients promote their completed 3D tour and Business online, month after month. Simply sign them up, receive a monthly income (10%), and we’ll do the rest!

This can result in 6 figure additional annual income, and more!

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Wisdek is a full online marketing agency with extensive sales capabilities, structure and systems dedicated to facilitate your Google Photography process.

Your sales professional will cold call the leads in your area, register them in SalesForce, follow up and arrange appointments for you to close more deals. You may provide them with a call list, have them target a call list via SalesForce,  or purchase one from us!



As Google Partners we can supply you with Google Ads coupons for every new Ads Client, helping you grow your client list. Get a $300 coupon for every new $100 spend. We’ll help you expand your reach and reduce bidding costs with advanced targeting optimization.


1. Research shows that experienced photographers spend 80% of their time and effort on sales and only 20% on the actual photography. Time is money… you don’t need to waste it on sales and administration! Leave it to our trained sales team while you focus on what you do best.

2. Google Business View deals are far easier to close by photographers on-site. Door to door sales offers the highest conversion rates for this product. But, we understand that this sales strategy is time consuming, and for many busy photographers, unrealistic.

3. We’ve developed a program todeliver frequent in-person meetings for you. So far, our photographers have been asked to do photo-shoots right then and there over 50% of the time!


Call 1-877-947-3351 to book your Sales Agent!

Get started today and close local business before your competition does! 

Terms & Conditions:

Every deal generated by your associate  will go through your Wisdek Salesforce portal and will leave Wisdek $50 commission regardless the size of the deal.
The fee for a sales person is paid monthly or 30% from your generated income, whichever is greater. If you need to spend less time on moderation and more
on sales and photography you can also outsource this to us. Our rate is $10 per panorama with all pre and post Google process requirements. $10 for
Publishing and 10$ for QR code generation. Your name and Wisdek’s name will be featured in every virtual tour shot which conducted under our agency, by
you and your team.

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