How Digital Planning is Vital for a 21st Century Business

Social Media has become an essential part of 21st century marketing campaigns, both as a publicity vehicle to draw attention to the existence of a company or product, and to try to engage users to be interested enough to go on to explore further and find more about the business goods or services.

The main attraction of social media is that it is short and sweet – little bursts of nuggets of information aimed at sparking an interest and enticing a user to want to learn still more.

Social media is excellent for:

  • Creating an identity or brand image
  • Fortifying and adding value to your brand
  • Establishing your niche
  • Providing a means of getting to know your customers better
  • Highlighting different aspects of what you sell or do
  • Sparking an interest in your services or products
  • Encouraging discussion, conversations, comments and opinions about your product or services
  • Increasing trust for your company
  • Augmenting your authority
  • Increasing conversions
  • Generating more business and sales

Why Social Media is Worth Getting Involved With

Marketing concept: target and Digital Marketing on wall backgrou

Social media users choose to engage with the companies they find of interest and scan through all their posts at various points during the day waiting to find one that motivates them to dig a little deeper.

Visibility and Branding

In terms of a marketing tool, social media is like a constant drip feed, with tiny drops of information appearing on a regular and above all consistent basis on a user’s timeline. Over the course of days, weeks and months this drip feed deposits small amounts of detail that in time accumulates to create an image or feel of what a company is and does.

This is why it is such a successful branding tool and also why it is good at increasing a company’s visibility.
Sparks conversations, discussions, opinions and comments

Another of the benefits of social media is that users are actively encouraged to express an opinion about what they see on their timeline and this can be a great tool for generating further and ongoing publicity.

People like feeling that their voice counts and that that others are interested in what they have to say. Social media aims to spark a conversation and the more people who join in the more successful the post as a marketing tool – provided of course that all those comments, discussions, opinions and general tone of the conversation are positive – otherwise the post as a marketing tool can be very counter-productive.

A positive response to your social media posts fortifies your brand image and value and this can be a powerful motivator in generating more business.

Encourages high quality marketing

This may be one reason why marketing companies strive to make the social media posts the very best they can. You might to some extent still be able to get away with a mediocre website so long as it has a few good keywords and contains some sort of information about what you do. But if your social media posts are weak then this can come to haunt you and drive down your ratings.

On the other hand, if your social media posting is a hit and sparks off a flurry of sharing and ‘likes’ then you can expect your business to grow.

Increasing Trust and your Company Authority

The more people comment positively on what you do and refer back to your social media posts and website, the more positive the image of your company’s goods or services. Search engines rank highly those sites and timelines that generate a lot of shares and likes, and appear to penalize those who posts encourage little or no comment. The more shares and likes you have, the more authoritative you appear and this can only help to encourage more conversions and sales.

Getting to bond with your customers

Social media offers an array of platforms to enable you to converse with your entire customer base. Each platform has its own type of audience and its own unique identity and voice. Sparking conversations on different social media sites is a fantastic way to find out what your users think of you and your products as well as what they would like you to see more of in the future. Never before has so much detail been available about the types of people who are interested in what you do. Talking to them in their own language and terms will go far in creating a positive bond.

Social Media Optimization

It may now be clear why Social Media Optimization is not the same as SEO. Social media optimization means:
Having a digital strategy: This is a long-haul operation. You need to plan to post on a regular basis, perhaps several times a day during some campaigns and at least two or three times weekly on a maintenance basis. Know what you want to say and divide it into small, easily assimilated nuggets that will attract user attention, maintain their interest and build your message.

Snappy writing: Posts need to be short, snappy and to the point. You want to grab attention and then provide a link where users can find out more. Use headings, tags, keywords, introductions and any other concise means of expressing what you want to say.

Appealing images and photos: Sometimes these work better than words, particularly at building and creating brands. Beautiful photos can sometimes express far more than words and way more succinctly.

Be entertaining and use humor: Give your users a reason to laugh. Jokes and other ‘funnies’ are among the most shared of posts.

Be emotive: Stir up passions, spark a debate, encourage debate – do whatever it takes to get noticed.

Posting several times a day: Providing lots of snippets of information all aimed at generating interest in one aspect of your business or services.

Responding to all user comments and opinions: You are encouraging comment and discussion so always respond to anyone who replies to you. You want to start a conversation and encourage others to join in.

All in all, optimizing your Social Media sites is the perfect way to reach out on online to both your actual and your potential customers in order to generate more traffic to your company and in turn more sales, business and revenue for you.

In fact, can any 21st century business that wants to thrive afford not develop their social media marketing campaigns?

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