How to Build Relationships with Online Influencers through Content

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There are many online “influencers” today who are popular on the web. These influencers are respected and popular in certain niches, and you can benefit from their knowledge and high authority. Influencers typically have a reputable follower base, high website traffic, tons of content exposure, and the ability to influence your potential customers to take action within your business.

“Influencing the influencer” is an integral part of content marketing and will tremendously boost results, especially as businesses are targeting specific niches.


With current Google algorithms, influencers include:

  • Those who can encourage people to read, like, and comment on your content
  • Those who can build reliability and trust with your brand by influencing your potential customers


While social media marketing and interaction is a great way to meet and communicate with some of your biggest niche influencers, it isn’t the only way to do so. The following presents a few other ways to effectively build relationships with influencers through content.


Comment on Their Blog Posts

A great way to get noticed by top influencers is to regularly post your valuable insights and opinions on their blogs. Some of the best engagement levels and relationships are formed this way. Their blog serves as a way to gain new knowledge as well as discuss the topics further with the influencer. It will also propose an opportunity for you to show interest in their content, making it easier when you attempt to ¬-connect with the blog owner because they have already become familiarized with you.

If this method doesn’t directly connect you with influencers, it is still a great way to promote your brand to their follower base which is usually pretty high.


Share Their Content

Have you ever received a notification from Twitter of someone mentioning your account or content and instantly clicked on their profile to find out more about them? The reason influencers are so well respected is because they produce great content that is heavily circulated throughout the web. By becoming a part of their sharing process (even with a simple tweet of one of their articles), the influencer will become appreciative of your efforts. When you email them asking questions or attempting to build a relationship with them, they are more likely to respond when they know you have a high interest in their content.


If you ever come across valuable content from an influencer of choice that’s relevant to your target audience, sharing the post will bring great benefits. It will provide your audience useful content while bringing attention from influencers to your brand.


Be Active and Responsive

How are you going to establish solid relationships with top influencers in your niche if you’re not active on the web or trying to put your brand in front of their faces? Even if you’re spending a few hours a week, try to make time to produce content, update existing content, be active on social media, and try to connect with other industry leaders. Join in on engaging conversations on blogs and social media, a conversation can lead to many great things.


If an influencer contacts you in any way, ensure your responses are prompt. Long waiting times may make an influencer become uninterested in your brand.


Ask for Constructive Criticism

Are you launching a new e-book that will become a guide in your niche for your potential clients? If so, contact other leaders in the industry before launching and ask them to review the content and offer their thoughts and ideas for improvement. With their input you can better develop your content and use it as your first testimonial (if it’s positive).


Even if the influencer isn’t interested in viewing and providing input on your idea, it can still make them aware that you are launching a product and they may mention to someone who is interested.


Thank them for sharing your content

Has an influencer found your content interesting and shared it among their followers? One of the biggest errors content creators make is by starting small with their online relationships. Something as simple as sending an appreciative thank you to those who share your content can start valuable and helpful conversations. This can be in the form of an email, tweet, DM, or even phone call.


When contacting them for thanks don’t be afraid to ask their opinion on the content and what compelled them to share it. This will provide data of what your target audience looks for in your content.


Congratulate them on their new projects

The top influencers are always releasing fresh and engaging content whether it is blog posts, e-books, podcasts, websites or YouTube series. They love getting feedback, comments, and praises on this content and you can be the one to do this while breaking the ice with them.


The next time new content comes out that you enjoy, send an email detailing how much you’ve enjoyed it and you just might get a reply into further conversation.

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