How to find my Google+ page?

You’ve probably noticed by now how often and drastically Google is changing the appearance and navigation of Google+ and map listings. This has left even experts asking “How do I find my Google+ page?”

It seems that the second you get a handle on the new functionality a new update is issued.
Our Google training has taught us that Google+ and Google Maps are intertwined. However, lately a disconnect seems to have been introduced.

To make it easy for both experts and the general public alike, here is a simple guideline on how to find, manage, and navigate Google+ and Google Maps.

Option 1:

(for this option you have to be logged in to any of your Google Accounts: Gmail, YouTube, Ads etc.)
1. On your desktop open

2. Type in the name for your business – ideally matching how it appears on your Google+ page. For Example: “Wisdek Corp.” If your business name is too generic and you don’t see your business as a result, add the word “near” and city or province/state where you are located. For example: “Wisdek near Richmond Hill, ON”



3. Now you will see your business information, but wait, where should you click? No, you’re not missing anything. Business listings no longer offer Google+ navigation directly from Map results.


4. Expert Tip: Click on reviews (or if you don’t have any reviews, click “Be the first to review”). Now close the reviews window and you will see a Google Search results page with your business on top of it.


5. Click “Google+ page” just below your website. It will be small, and appear just next to the Star rating and reviews.


6. Congratulations! You’ve found your business Google+ page.


7. If the Google Account you are using has administrative access to the Google+ page you are checking, you will see a blue button at the top reading: “Manage this page”. Clicking this will bring you to the dashboard of your business listing. If you are checking someone else’s Google+ page you will not see this button.


If you arrive at Step 5 and do not see the link to Google+ it means that this particular Google Map listing is not connected with Google+ or simply does not exist. The most common reason for this is that the business owner has not claimed/verified his Google+ page, or that multiple listings exist and feeds Google Maps with incorrect information.

Many difficulties can occur from improperly verified pages.

Option 2:

(also requires an active Google Account)

1. On your desktop open


2. At the very top you will see “Search Google+”. Type in the name of your business as close to the name on the listing as possible. You can also try to use “near [city]” here to narrow down the search.


3. If you don’t see yourself here right away switch to the “people and pages” tab.


4. Once you locate the right profile, just click on the business name or picture.

This option may prove to be a problem with some business owners. The “people and pages” search results will produce current employees along with every previous employee, and anyone else who has been linked with the company at some point.

Option 3:

1. On your desktop open Google Search (

2. Type in your company name as it appears on Google+ with “near [city, province/state].


3. If you are lucky enough and your website performs well and you know exactly how its name and city appears on Google+ page the top result will be your website with “Google+ page” option to click.

If you’ve been proactive with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO – we know a great agency if you need one) and know how your business name appears in Google+, the first organic results will be your domain along with details from your Google+ profile.

This is the shortest and most simple way to locate your Google+ page, via the link next to the stars and reviews. However, it is also the option with the most conflicts. If you suffer from duplicate, unverified/unclaimed, or other profile problems, the link may not appear here.

Option 4: Mobile

Google+ access from a mobile device is more difficult to explain than other options, mainly due to the variety of apps in question. However, these simple instructions apply to most scenarios.

1. In Google Search and/or Google Maps you can find your business page short version. Only basic information, including “Call”, “Directions”, “Website” and working hours.


2. Google+ app allows you to browse through Google+ profiles (similar to option 2 of desktop search). This option shows you photos and posts from the page.




3. There is also Google My Business App that allows you to get access to all your options on Google+ business page, including Insights, Notification, Photos, Posts etc.



Google Map listings and Google+ profiles are great tools. They are extremely beneficial when integrated with a Google Ads or SEO campaign, and provide your audience with the majority of information they will need to choose to do business with you. In fact, the main reason to become familiar with and utilize these platforms is the same motto that we strive to follow:

“Make it easy for people to work with you!”

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