How To Optimize Your Site For Google Panda 4.0

Google Unleashes Panda 4.0, Dropping Massive Sites


In May of 2014, Google revealed its latest algorithm system entitled Panda 4.0, and it has already made a lasting impact on the web. The original Panda system was released in 2011, bringing a focus on the quality of content. Since the beginning of Panda, Google has released a new update each month (around 25 in total).

The difference between the newest 4.0 update to the other updates is that it’s not just a few minor tweaks to the system. It goes back to the initial panda algorithm and rebuilds the system using the same foundation. This is why Panda 4.0 is having such a large effect on websites.

Even massive high ranking websites are being deducted of their rankings. Ebay has lost 1/3 of its rankings and an even greater amount with a 50% decrease in placement. While the new algorithm is negatively affecting many websites, pages such as has been rewarded with substantially higher rankings. has seen a 250% increase in placement.
Sites Effected from the New Update

Have you tried to populate press releases with spam links and keywords to build authority? Panda 4.0 is now penalizing this practice. Any efforts to trick the new algorithm will be easily recognized and automatically given a manual action. Google is now looking for websites with relevant keywords and links, high quality content, a solid traffic count, and honest information to rank high.


Some websites suffering from Panda 4.0 are:

  • (50% decrease)
  • (33% decrease)
  • (33% decrease)
  • (50% decrease)
  • (33% decrease)
  • (50% decrease)
  • (50% decrease)
  • (50% decrease)
  • (75% decrease)
  • (20% decrease)


Some websites that have increased rankings are:

  • (75% increase)
  • (25% increase)
  • (250% increase)
  • (100% increase)
  • (500% increase)
  • (50% increase)
  • (250% increase)
  • (250% increase)
  • (100% increase)
  • (250% increase)


Google has also improved their capability to read complicated websites and successfully search entire webpages for quality content.


Keywords Are a Thing of the Past

Remember the old days when spending hours on keyword research was mandatory and “skillfully” implementing them into content was one of the best ways to rank high in Google? That’s now a thing of the past! There’s no longer a need to cram and overstuff keywords into content so much that it becomes unreadable. Now, the best way to maintain your rankings is to create quality content that relates to your keywords and topics. After all, content is king.


It is Essential to Maintain High Quality

Say your website is building a new blog that features 8 posts but only 3 of the posts are of the quality you desire. It’s okay to delete the other 5 posts or better yet rewrite them. Even rewriting your website content a couple times a year can benefit the website’s SEO. The focus on Panda 4.0 is high quality, fresh content and while those 5 low quality articles will populate your blog. they may decrease your Google rankings. If you are starting a blog, ensure the content is updated.

Don’t forget to implement headings, subheadings, images, numbered lists and bullet points. This will not only organize your content and make it user friendly but it’s also a great SEO practice.


High Authority Counts

It is essential to establish honest authority and brand recognition to your website. Posting irrelevant, dishonest, or misleading content to will not go unpunished with the new Panda 4.0 update.
Regularly create quality blog posts, website content, tweets, social media posts, press releases, and more that provide your audience with valuable information while acknowledging you as credible and knowledgeable. Always do your research to avoid misinforming readers.


Recognize Your Target Audience

With the newest Google Panda update, content is in the spotlight. Therefore it is essential to ensure the content you produce receives great feedback and traffic. The best way to do this is to tailor your content to its target audience.

Use tools such as Google Analytics to track and analyze your traffic as well as where visitors are coming from. This way you’ll be able to effectively cater the writing to the tone your audience prefers.

For content marketing to become a successful campaign, it’s best not to hassle your potential viewers and commenters with the post. Instead create engaging, understandable content that attracts and impresses the users and they’ll automatically be compelled to share it. Even if you constantly pest the user and other marketing tactics, without engaging content they just won’t take action.

Do you want to get ahead in SEO even with the new Panda 4.0 algorithm system penalizing more websites than ever? Follow SEO best practices, produce superior content, avoid attempting to ‘beat’ the new system, establish a solid traffic base, build brand recognition and you’ll find yourself climbing to the top of Google.




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