How to Recover from Duplicate Content

If your company is experiencing duplicate content on your website, you should beware of the adverse effects it can have on your businesses structure.

The damage begins, as your website becomes buried in Google search queries, making it impossible for users to find you. This will result in a diminishing effect on your revenue. If your business has a heavy reliance on gaining leads and sales from the Internet your company may become non-sustainable, as you will no longer be able to cover your variable and fixed costs.

In the duplicate content infographic below, Wisdek Reviews the impact duplicate content is having on websites in Canada and North America. If your website has been hit, you`re not alone!
How to Recover from Duplicate Content:

• Your initial steps should consist of determining exactly what content is duplicated on your website. Software such as ‘Copy Scape’ can assist you in locating this content.

• After you have figured out what content is duplicated, the simplest solution to get your ranking back on track is to re-write the content and wait for the penalty to be removed.

• The length of time it takes Google to remove a penalty from your website after corrections have been made varies. It may be removed automatically or it can take a few weeks to month (approx. 2-3) for your rankings to fully recover.

•If your website is no longer indexed by Google due to a penalty, it will take a longer period of time for your rankings to get back up.

•To determine if your website is still indexed, you can simply search your domain name (. i.e. in Google’s search query

•In the event that your page is not indexed in Google, you will have to send a re-consideration request to Google. If you are certain that the violation is only related duplicated content, it is a good idea to explicitly explain to Google the corrections you have made to abide by their ‘Webmaster Guidelines’.


If you are unsure about where to begin, or simply do not have the time, we are able to assess your website and clean it up for you. We routinely remove duplicate content for our clients, and it is one of our primary services when starting SEO campaigns for them. This one simple step makes the difference between being displayed on the leading positions and the tenth page, so making the initial effort to align your website with Google`s duplicate content guidelines is well worth it.


If you are curious about our work samples for content we have supplied our clients in the past, don`t hesitate to call us. Until then, stay fresh!

 & Malcolm 

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