How to Use Online Customer Reviews to Generate More Business

Christmas is coming and if you want your client’s business to grow fat in the coming weeks you need to do all you can in to transform online search traffic into living and breathing in-store foot traffic with a definite purchase in mind.

One way to encourage this is to add positive, third-party, customer review links under your Ads ads.

Most of us already know that more people have faith in consumer reviews than they do in online advertising. This is probably because we feel that actual customers are far more likely to be honest than marketers who get paid for making a business look great. So if a client says the service or selection of products was excellent, then probably this is a fair and honest reflection of the experience they had in dealing with that company.

All the more reason then to encourage your clients to write an online review when they finish doing business with you. The review doesn’t have to be long – in fact, the shorter, sweeter and more to the point it is, the better, since most of us would rather read a selection of opinions rather than wading through one long detailed analysis written by a single customer.

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Here are some quick and easy instructions on how to get customers to write reviews in Google+:

Go to

  1. Search for the business or location.
  2. Click on the business’ name to access its page.
  3. Look for the Write a review button located to the side of the cover photo.
  4. You can use the 1 to 5 star scale to rate what you think of the business.
  5. You can add your own opinion about the goods or services you received in the text box. The best reviews are those that are:
  • Honest
  • Constructive
  • Fair, and
  • To the point
  1. Once you finish, click on Publish and your review will be made public under your Google+ name.
  2. Click on  to share your review with friends or circles of your choice.
  3. Remember, you can +Add more people  to your circles at any time, or just click on the x next to their name to delete them from your listings.
  4. Finally, click on Share and you’re review is done!

Writing Reviews on Smartphones

Did you know that more than half of the people who search for local information on their smart-phone will go out and visit the store within the following 24 hours?

These same people can be encouraged to write a review of their experience via their smart-phone, using the Google Maps Ap.

Android users can find this at: Google Play)

iPhone and iPad users can find Google Maps at iTunes Google Maps.

Blackberry users can download Google Maps at Blackberry AppWorld.

To leave a review, just type in the name of the business, scroll down the screen and tap on the Rate and Review box. As with Google+, you can leave a rating of 1-5 stars, add your own appropriate comments and then publish to the Google+ friends and circles of your choice.

Yet another way you can encourage clients to leave a review is using the business’ Quick Response code which can be scanned into their phone and then “open(ed) with Google Maps Ap”.

Follow the instructions above to leave your review.

Adding Reviews and Ratings to your Adword Campaigns

There are two ways to get customer reviews added to your Adword ads.

Google Trusted Stores

Google itself has its own free certification program known as Google Trusted Stores which collects third party reviews and ratings for your business. You may already have seen this type of rating beneath some ads in the form of a line of stars beneath the website address, such as:


Wisdek SEO


4.0  ★★★★ rating for SEO


Find out more about Google Trusted Stores and how seller ratings can enhance your Adword campaigns at Google Trusted Stores.

Select your own Reviews

If you already have some positive reviews back from organizations or publications, now you can think about highlighting them in your online Adword ads. The review will appear in a line of text beneath the ad itself on the Google Search Network (though you won’t see in on Display Network).

You can directly quote the organization or publication’s comments directly or paraphrase, and then add a link direct to the actual published review or rating itself.

There is no additional charge for adding reviews to Adword campaigns – just the usual Charge Per Click.

Find out more by going to Highlight third-party reviews in your ads.

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