Industries Making Perfect Use of Digital Marketing to Increase ROI

Are you spending thousands of dollars on billboard marketing, newspaper print ads, flyers, and radio adverts? If you’re relying on traditional methods of marketing in today’s technology-driven world, then definitely you’re lagging behind your competitors. The days of traditional marketing methods comprising face-to-face interactions via conventional media channels are long gone. The internet revolution has transformed the marketing landscape. With the ever-rising popularity of the internet, marketing plans consisting solely of in-person communication and traditional media have now become outdated.

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It’s an ‘adjust or pass on’ kind of circumstance, where businesses are most likely to fail if they don’t adopt the new marketing channels. Whether you have a small business or a well-established company, it has become crucial to make your presence felt in the digital space. If you have noticed, brands from all possible sectors are leaving their footprints in the online world. This is because most of the industries have adjusted and adapted to these new digital advertising channels.

In this digital age, businesses need an online presence to reach their target customers. These online businesses have to market themselves digitally and this is where digital marketing comes in! There’s a lot of buzz around digital marketing, but a big question looms — is it worth it? You might be wondering are companies getting a solid return on investment (ROI) on their digital marketing efforts.

Digital marketing strategies help companies in increasing their brand awareness, building a strong online reputation, boosting traffic, and improving sales conversions. There’s no doubt that digital marketing yields a significantly higher ROI than any form of traditional marketing. According to reports, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy could yield $5 in revenue for every $1 spent on marketing. To understand this better, let’s take a look at the top industries that can gain high ROI from digital marketing efforts.


Whether you’re planning a house party or looking to improve your culinary skills, most probably you’ll go online for inspiration. Of all the businesses, the food industry can gain the most by capitalizing on social media marketing. This is because food is a unifying topic that has an emotional attachment. Who doesn’t like checking out social feeds of mouthwatering food? From a cooking expert to a beginner, people enjoy watching amazing videos that show in just a few minutes how to prepare almost anything. These videos and images automatically attract people to the food companies and the eateries that produce food items. Digital platforms have made it easier for restaurants, hotels, and even chefs to boost their businesses. Food industries use digital marketing campaigns that revolve around mouth-watering images of food that lead to a higher level of customer engagement. When these businesses get their followers discussing their favorite food recipe, they gain their customers’ attention and drive a conversation around their industry.


The entertainment industry still uses traditional marketing channels like television commercials and billboards. However, as more and more consumers are switching to online channels, companies in the entertainment industry also need to focus on digital methods of marketing. These days, most people watch the latest movie trailers on Youtube or social media, rather than television. Due to this reason, the entertainment industry needs to reach consumers where they are. As a result, most companies share all sorts of information and marketing material like photos, trailers, behind the scenes looks, even live videos on social media platforms. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites are greatly helping entertainment companies by providing them a platform to showcase their upcoming content.

Digital and social media marketing allow businesses to promote specific entertainment products to certain demographics. As you know, social media content becomes viral like a grapevine. This is the reason why songs and movies get popular even before its release worldwide. The ROI for entertainment companies’ digital marketing efforts is higher than with traditional media because it allows companies to improve engagement with fans.


If you have any health issues, what would you do first? If you’re internet-savvy, then most probably you will Google your concern.  More than 77% of internet users search online to find out more information about their health issues. Even after consulting a doctor, people prefer to go online to check the symptoms and causes of their health issues. They also check the side effect of prescribed medication online to make healthcare decisions. In addition to this, the internet helps in finding healthcare specialists and booking an appointment online. Considering the dependence of people on the internet, a good digital marketing approach is crucial for healthcare organizations and individual doctors. By maintain a functional website and having solid social media presence, digital marketing is helping the health sector in gaining more customers and increase their ROI.

Fitness & Nutrition

As people are becoming more health cautious, they find information about fitness and nutrition online. This rising health awareness has increased the fitness and nutrition industry’s revenue. People use search engines and social media sites to find fitness-related information and effective digital marketing campaigns offer just that. The fitness and nutrition experts create content that helps in boosting the ROI potential for fitness or nutrition brands. Digital marketing strategies like using influencer marketers help in building one-to-one marketing relationships. Statistics reveal that more than 90% of consumers trust word of mouth on digital media and search engine rankings over other forms of advertisements. For this reason, when the influencers create highly engaging content for their followers and subscribers that helps in driving traffic to your site.

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