Why Invest in SEO and How SEO Agencies Advertise their Clients

Businesses from various niches and industries have shown a keen interest in SEO and it’s working. The reason? Evidently, it is to gain intelligent traffic to the website.

While social media marketing has been on a high, the best way to reach your target audience is still to get to them through web search. In fact, search beats social media by 300% to be the best traffic generator. That should be reason enough to reconsider on the social media budget and allocate funds to the SEO strategy. Most of the users today ignore paid ads and focus mostly on organic links on the first page of search results.

SEO is thus a lucrative practice to promote or sell your content, products, and services.

Bright Future in SEO

According to a study, SEO is a growing industry worth over $65 billion. Despite the growth of game-changers like Google’s Panda and Penguin, statistics prove that SEO is still growing.

MarketDrive advises businesses to set bigger fractions of marketing funds for SEO as it emerges a more effective way of promoting the products, brand, services or website on the web. SEO tends to bring better ROI if done right.

The SEO market is expected to see an exponential growth in the future, thus making it a lucrative opportunity.


SEO is a difficult game that demands continuous learning and experimenting

SEO is a difficult skill to master, despite its growing popularity. It comprises of various technical aspects and modern marketing practices including social media and content marketing that are closely related to Google’s frequent updates. This constantly evolving nature of SEO makes it difficult to master. If you’re a webmaster or an entrepreneur who is unaware of what’s the say of the industry, you are likely to lag behind. You do not want to spend time and money on trivial things that will not generate revenue for your business.


In-House Team Vs. Freelancers Vs. SEO Agency

It might be a nightmare to get the right people to handle SEO for your business. While many will claim to be experts, they might charge you with a lot of money without solving your problems. Moreover, with various ways to do SEO, everyone might interpret it differently.

The three possible solutions to getting your SEO done are

-Hire your own in-house SEO team

– Hire Freelancers

-Outsource the SEO responsibility to a specialized agency.


Each of these has its own pros and cons


In-house SEO department

An in-house SEO department can prove beneficial for the company as any related problem can be solved instantly. They can constantly work on bettering your domain authority, build better link profile and exposure. However, just one person or two would be unable to do the job. You would require a specialized team of SEO professionals which might be an added expenditure for smaller businesses or those which do not have a lot of SEO-related work.


Freelance SEO Experts 

The good part about hiring a freelance SEO expert is that they charge much less than agencies. Moreover, they can dedicate themselves entirely as they do not occupy themselves with too many projects thus providing you with an effective plan to drive quality traffic. However, despite drawing a good plan for you, freelancers may not be able to execute it as well as a team or agency.


SEO Agency

SEO Agency thus be a better option than an in-house team or freelancer. These agencies have senior marketers, content writers, SEO experts, link builders and project managers to curate the best solution for your SEO problems. They would monitor the project at every stage ensuring the best for your business. However, you must choose the SEO agency wisely according to the needs of your industry.


So, How Do Agencies Actually Help their Clients?

The SEO agency does not only advise a client but also does the necessary labor to meet the goal. They get to the best strategy for your business based on the analysis of things like:

-Content Analysis- checks existing content for missing pages, duplicate content or poorly optimized post and monitor what content performs best for the client.

-Site Structure Analysis- Checks robots.txt, sitemap, page-load speed, duplicate title tags etc. to enable Google to read your site successfully.

-Off Page Analysis- focuses on turning the buzz about the business into an advantageous situation by increasing directory listing and retaining organic search visits and customer loyalty.


Technical SEO

A good SEO agency will ensure that the site is optimized from the tech perspective by checking navigation, UI and UX. They next focus on eliminating errors from the code and on internal linking to make the site run faster enabling Google to crawl pages easily.


On-site Optimization

The tech aspect done, the focus then diverts to page content as it requires continual monitoring and editing. On-Site optimization implies eliminating duplicate content, formatting text, adding keywords and page titles and adapting webpage copy to perform better in order to attain high ranking in SERP for desired topics.

Moreover, agencies create quality content to gain traffic and to get top- notch links for the site based on extensive research in the industry. They design and optimize landing pages. They constantly optimize existing pages and create new ones to win big.


Off-site Optimization

 It includes building quality backlinks, called the lifeblood of SEO. They impact the position in SERP positively and improve the ranking. This practice involves :

  • Developing Guest Posts to Acquire Backlinks
  • Building Citations
  • Creating PR content and other newsworthy items
  • Creating and sharing Infographics
  • Building High PR Profile links

and building strategies to acquire quality links to outbid competitors.

The agency then tracks and monitors the performance and keyword position of the keywords besides monitoring conversions, DA and site visits.

 Thus, SEO, when done right, can prove to be the generate a large traffic and revenue for your content.


“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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