How to Jumpstart your SaaS Inbound Marketing Strategy

Patience is the key to achieving success with inbound marketing. However, certain methods of SaaS inbound marketing can move extremely slow.

If you are not seeing results despite putting in time and effort, you might need to refresh your efforts and handle your marketing methods with a new approach.

Here is how to reach your goal by shaking your marketing strategy:

Assess your current situation:

Though obvious, most people tend to give it a miss. You need to first assess whether you have an inbound strategy in place and the results you’ve been witnessing. Often, the best way to begin if you do not have a tested plan already is to take time to think into the minutest details of the plan.


Audit your SEO

A great place to start is auditing your website and its performance. It is a critical aspect when you’re looking to boost your SaaS inbound marketing.

Some basics to begin with are:

  • Notice your page load times and try to fix them.
  • Check if you have an internal linking structure in place.
  • Figure out which keywords are actually working for you.
  • Figure out ways to optimize existing content in line with latest SEO practices.

Your traffic can witness a boost when you analyze your SEO strategy and experiment with it. A well known website saw its traffic rise by 16% only by fixing blog pagination.

A plan to generate backlinks too will benefit your inbound marketing strategy. To boost your SEO, you can write guest posts, pitch op-eds, install social sharing widgets etc to get credible inbound links.


Provide valuable and original content for website visitors

The crux of an effective inbound marketing strategy is original content that is of value to the customer. Provide content that answers relevant questions, or provides case studies, success stories, or solutions to the challenges of your customer to acquire a larger customer base. To retain your pre-existing customer base, try and provide new and added features, in-depth resources, and tips that help them make the most of their software investment.

You need to first perform keyword research using Adwords or SEM rush to figure out which keywords will your target audience search for. This will help your frame an outline for future content. With the growing popularity of voice searches, people tend to search incomplete questions. Hence your content must answer their questions. You can also source customer questions from your own customer support and sales team and then answer those questions on your FAQ pages.


Generate Qualified leads with Gated Content

Provide gated or premium content to your visitors to which they gain access to only after they fill a form that required certain contact information from them. Not only will they gain access to premium content, but you’d have a prospect to follow up with targeted communications.

The most successful SaaS startups have been providing content rich guides and white papers as gated content making visitors submit their email id. They have often seen those visitors turn into conversions with regular and relevant communication. Make sure however that the gated content provides extra value to your customer.


Work on your Social media strategy

Simply sharing your content across platforms is often not enough. You may ask influencers and your advocated to do it too. However, you may look to promote content through email newsletters, on your own website and also by using CTA’s at the end of your blog posts.

As a supplement to your inbound efforts and to drive increased traffic to the website, you may leverage pay per click ads. The keywords must be targeted to your audience’s searches and the PPC ads should be configured in a manner that the visitor lands on your gated content. This way you will be able to build a database of prospects to follow up in the future.

Social media platforms must also be used to listen to what the audience has to say about your website or product, to hear out their frustrations and provide solutions, and to interact with customers. This interaction will help frame content for your future marketing emails.


Convert with a free trial of your Software

Often, customers are apprehensive in paying for something they haven’t experience and have no idea about how it will perform. A good idea hence is to have your marketing qualified leads sign up for a time bound free trial of the software. Ensure you guide the customer to get the most of the free trial and you will be likely to convert a lot more than if you had not provided a free trial.


Create an E-mail drip campaign

If you are seeking to increase the impact of your inbound marketing, email is a tactic that you need to refine in addition to content creation and SEO. Drip campaigns, as suggested by its very name, are a series of emails sent out with the intention of delivering information piece by piece. They can be daily tips, a time defined series, or mini email courses that are relevant to the product and may help generate leads.


In case of mini-courses, you may have users sign up from a related blog post or social sharing. Once signed up, the potential user will receive information on their email over the duration of the course. At the end of this course, you may choose to pitch to them or provide a demo of the product, or simply suggest content on the website they might be interested in.

Drip campaigns will help you figure which information and offers are working best with the user personas and customer segments linked to your website.



To boost your SaaS inbound marketing strategy, the best way is through trial and eliminate method. You may try each of these tricks and see which works best for your and work progressively over that or simply integrate all these tips and structure a marketing strategy that works best for your business.


“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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