Marketing for the 2018 Consumer

With the year advancing to an end, business owner are now strategizing the plan to get the best out of 2018. It is a wise option to reevaluate your marketing strategies and business plan, revising it to keep up with the changing business ideals and technology, whether its a start up, a booming or a struggling business. With many aspects changing yearly, what remains constant is that for you to generate leads, you business must have increased visibility.

The potential of a business depends largely on the frequency of the potential customer locating your business and with time, it is getting easer to target customers if you have well understood the needs of your clientele and the evolving technologies and platforms. Are you a business owner looking to enhance your marketing technique and strategy for 2018? Here are some factors and trends you must consider.


Content. Content

The most crucial form of marketing has been, and will continue to be content. However, with progression of the years, the manner in which the content ought to reach the target audience has also progressed. Companies today have moved towards influencer marketing and content automation to spread a word about their business. Using artificial intelligence to create, publish and manage content has largely streamlined the process, with the necessary technology in place and working. As people tend to trust a face they identify than simple words published here and there, influencer marketing has been on a rise.


Increased and Improved Video Marketing:

Content will always be the most crucial in the marketing industry, as has been often discussed previously. However, alongside content, video too has gained much importance in the marketing world. The business can get a little more personal and less detached from the audience by simply associating a face with it. Moreover, companies are now seeking to market to millennials with little time at hand and a tight grasp on technology. For companies to specifically attract this age group alongside others in a successful manner, the attention is best grabbed by utilizing visuals and videos. To deliver the message in a personal way, the video will be better understood than text. Moreover, video ads are often more responsive and relevant to the customer needs.


Further Expansion of Social Media Marketing

With the social media marketing having been on a rise for a while, 2018 may end up seeing even more social platforms arriving almost daily. If your company is looking for a proper social media presence and is looking to remain ahead of the potential competition, you will have to resort to more than just using Facebook and Twitter. You may have to make your presence felt on Snapchat, Instagram, Yik Yak, Storehouse and many of the like. Moreover, if your company has been in the market and around social media, you would know that to market your campaigns successfully, you will have to steer clear of any generic messages that your page blasts at the audiences as they will most likely be ignored. It is rather beneficial that social media is used to get a personalized interaction with the audience, to contact and communicate with them, one-on-one.


Customer Centric Experiences

Most people are not on the lookout for companies that treats every individual and customer exactly the same. They’d rather get engaged with companies who treat you as a different individual, on a first name basis. Thus, the philosophy and marketing campaign of a company should target to move their focus towards the customer individually – what can they best provide to each customer individually, and not the basics that the company is providing to all the clients generically.



To provide your customers with top notch services and an overall positive experience, the use of technology must be leverages. You must first understand his or her exact needs or desired from the product, before intending on how to sell the particular service or product to a customer. Chatbots use artificial intelligence, deep learning and data crumbs from across the Internet to best determine the needs of the customer and guide the company of the customer’s behavior.


With the technology advancing on an everyday basis, many more marketing trends may be on the rise in 2018, but these 5 will remain intact as we enter the new year.

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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