Online Marketing For Mortgage Brokers – Keynote Address


The Mortgage Summit

The Summit brought together mortgage professionals, solution providers and lenders who participated in 20 sessions with 40 expert speakers and viewed more than 45 exhibits with the aim of gaining educational and tactical insights into increasing their mortgage business.

Wisdek’s Director of Sales, Ryan Judd and Online Marketing Strategist, Mark Reeves, were the final keynote speakers in a presentation aimed at bringing mortgage brokers up to date with the latest Google Updates, SEO and Google Advertising.

Stand Out and Be Found

In their presentation entitled “Stand Out and Be Found”, Judd and Reeves emphasized that online marketing is no longer about being found at the top of a list. Now, it’s about being found in the right place at the right time. They explained to the assembled mortgage brokers that e-commerce, digital word-of-mouth, and direct sales require a close understanding of specific audiences and their online behavior.

Reeves and Judd suggested that mortgage brokers in general need to learn how to segment their audience in order to better understand their niche behavior. Since social media in particular is becoming increasingly popular, it is in the interest of mortgage brokers everywhere to create a Twitter, Facebook, Google + and other social media profiles so that they can engage with potential clients on the platform of their clients’ choice – which is particularly important for attracting lead-generating attention that may lead to that all-important first face to face meeting.

Reeves and Judd also suggested that besides discovering the platforms that mortgage-hunters engage with, it is also important to discover the devices (desktops, tablets, cell phones) they use and  see ways in which they can refocus their online marketing strategies to “fit” according to the device and user. This will lead to more streamlined and targeted advertising which in turn can generate more successful closing of mortgage deals.

Google Advertising for Mortgage Brokers

Judd and Reeves also mentioned the importance and success of Google Advertising and how this is still a popular way to place ads so that they meet their most apt, targeted audience.

The presentation was well received at the summit and generated loads of questions from conference participants who were curious to learn more about SEO and online marketing in general – in terms of optimizing traffic from traditional websites and venturing into social media as well.

There was a general consensus that keeping up to date with technological changes and new types of online marketing can be time-consuming and difficult. With so many options and possibilities it can be difficult to decide what the best channels are to invest in.

For more information about Wisdek’s SEO strategies for mortgage brokers and others involved in the real estate industry, please contact Wisdek Director Ryan Judd and Online Marketing Strategist, Mark Reeves.

By Courtney Dale

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