Optimizing Organic Search Visibility: 10 Tips for Success

There can be no doubt that the surest and most cost effective way to increase traffic to your website and so generate more potential for sales is to optimize its organic search visibility.
Here we include 10 simple to implement tips that will help to increase your organic SEO and so improve your SERPs rankings.

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Keyword-oriented titles.

Using keywords in title tags will give an instant boost go your organic search visibility. Include at least 2 of your principal keywords in your title tags since these are the first parts of your website that search engines crawl and also the first item to appear in their final descriptions.

Use Google’s Ads tool to find out which keywords are most appropriate for your product or service, and include variations and synonyms that people may use when searching for a site like yours.

Don’t forget to include keywords in your metadata.

Not all of the search engines attach importance to this, but better safe than sorry so include them in your meta data to be sure.

Description of your website.

This should be concise and very clear, using no more than 3 sentences and incorporating up to 5 of your strongest keywords. This description will show under your title on the search engine results page so be sure it is focused to say what you want.

Focus on perfecting your Alt Image tags.

Many people make the mistake of not writing alt image tags for every photo or image on their website and this is an opportunity that should really not be missed. Writing alt image tags will enable your images to appear in Google images and when users are looking through online pictures on other browsers.

Since alt tags are crawlable by search engines, they will also improve your SEO. Make sure to include keywords and long tail keywords in your alt image tags for maximum benefit.

Create links from your principal page to other pages of your site.

This should be an intrinsic and carefully thought out part of your website design and is implicit in good organization of information and user-friendliness too.

Be sure to include links back to the main page from your internal pages too, and to interlink between other internal pages, for example from your blog to specific and relevant pages of your site.

Don’t forget to include a very clear menu on each page within your site to improve ease of navigation.

Links to your site from external sources.

If you find websites that mention you in some way, include links to these sources within your site. If someone else’s blog refers to you, include a link back to this too.

Include your principal keywords

– as your menu labels where possible and where you can in mentioning both internal and external links.

Highlight some of your keywords in bold on every page of your site.

You don’t have to do this every single time and, in fact, too many bolded keywords can detract from your site’s visual appeal. But a few, selected bolded keywords can make clear the relevance and focus of each page on your site. Many web users scan rather than read, and bolded keywords are quick ways to grasp what the page is about, adding to a positive user experience. This could mean that they stay longer on your page – increasing your authority in the eyes of the search engines.

Hyperlink all of your website’s links using a keyword.

Don’t just write “click here” and think that is good enough. If the link itself is a hyperlinked keyword or hyperlinked longtail keyword this will add to the ranking of the keyword itself.

Be sure to include a large number of links to a large number of pages

– don‘t just focus on linking to the same 2 or 3 pages over and over again. If your website is well thought out and designed you probably have around 30 pages and every single page should be somehow interlinked internally to another, and not just to the main page or to one or two others. Aim for balance for every page and for content overall.
These tips are simple to follow and simple to implement and can have a profound impact on your visibility and organic SEO. Put them into practice and you’ll quickly find your pages ranking higher on SERPs than you ever thought possible.

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