Page Speed Observations: Is Your Website Driving in a Slow Lane?

Have you waited long enough for any site to load? It turns out to be highly disappointing and annoying to wait for the desired page to load on your desktop or mobile screen. Many of those who are not patient enough tend to simply leave the page. This would increase the bounce rate for your site. The slow loading speed of the site’s landing page can be highly detrimental to the site ranking. Therefore, there is a high need to improve the same to improve the ranking as well as the overall success of the online business.

There could be several reasons for the slow load speed of the pages. The reasons could range from poor optimization to the poor management of the web hosting services. If you happen to be running an online commercial site, then the optimization of the page load speed should be your first priority.

Why is Page Speed Important to Google?

Google announced in 2010 that it would begin incorporating the speed of the page load in the ranking algorithm. As a result of this, the website around the world took to the optimization of the page loading speed of their sites. The main reason for the emphasis by Google on the effective page load speed is to enhance the overall user experience. The faster a particular site would loads – there are higher chances of the positive experience of the online users. The Google’s page load speed algorithm prioritizes the fast-loading websites and then ranks them on top for optimized user experience.

Why is Page Speed Important to the Users?

The effective loading speed of the site’s pages is essential for the good ranking on the search engines. At the same time, it is imperative for efficient user experience. Websites that tend to load faster create a better impression in the minds of the online users such that they visit the site again to avail the services offered by the same. If your site has optimized SEO practices and generate excellent content, but the page loading speed is poor, you still cannot expect the desired results as this will dissuade the users in trusting your site. Therefore, the load speed of the website’s pages is critical to ensure the optimum user experience and the desired traffic to your site.

If your site is selling some products and services and it loads fast then it, automatically, becomes the topmost choice of the online users, availing your site’ services. It is vital to understand the fact that even a small decrease in the loading speed of the subsequent pages can have detrimental effects on your site’s overall performance.

How to Improve the Page Loading Speed?

As each site differs from the other in terms of functionality and infrastructure, there is no definite parameter for the optimization of the page load speed. Despite this, there are several general tips to improve and optimize the overall page loading speed of your site. Have a read:

  • Ensure that the server used by your site is of high quality to host the website. The server must be located in a data center that has sufficient bandwidth for handling the audience of your site.
  • If your site is meant for a larger group of the global audience, then you can make use of the CDN (Content Delivery Network) that can be used to speed up the delivery of the site’s content. This is achieved by the hosting of the images and videos on various different servers.
  • You can go for the optimization of the videos and images as well. You can make use of the JPG, PNG or GIF formats in an effective manner such that they do not adversely affect the speed of the loading pages of your site.
  • You can make use of the effective tools like Web Page Test and PageSpeed Insights that can output any script that could be slowing down your site.
  • If you are making of WordPress on your site, then you must ensure that you have not installed unnecessary plugins. The presence of several plugins can affect your site’s load speed in an adverse manner.

Page loading speed matters for the optimization of the site’s overall performance in an effective manner. When the users come across your site that loads within a fraction of a second, they are highly impressed. They will have reasons to revisit your site owing to its optimum performance. Even of the utmost importance, the page load speed is one of the most overlooked factors. However, it is vital to realize the significance of optimized page loading speed for better SEO and conversion rates. You can ensure the desired success to your online business with the help of efficient user experience through enhanced page load speed.

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