Our Predictions for E-Commerce Trends in 2018

With the exponential growth of e-commerce over the past year, the revenues are expected to cross $400 Billion this year alone. This incredible surge can be credited to numerous factors and trends. The question then is what to expect from E-commerce in 2018? Here is what can help you craft a successful strategy for your brand.

Our top E-commerce Trends for 2018

Convenient Delivery

One reason why people may choose local stores over e-commerce is that they have the product instantly rather than waiting for the delivery. Stores often cash in on this by remaining open 24 hours a day in festive season to add on to sale figures. However, with Amazon Prime offering two day delivery that problem is being tackled and can further be ceased by working on an even quicker delivery, convenient scheduling for pickups and a more consumer centric return policy.


Increased Email Campaigns

Most social networks fail to drive the revenue that email does, however, most businesses are still not using this highly effective tool enough. With newer companies that have altered the mail game by allowing the consumer to purchase right from their inbox rather than visiting the website, email can be a even more powerful channel in the year to come.


Smoother Mobile Experiences

Irrespective of whether it is a desktop or a mobile device, consumers will expect the best experience possible when shopping online. Thus app based or web shopping requires better speed and usability along with intuitive designs to meet customer expectations and encourage them to spend more time on the platform. Also, for conversion to see larger numbers, it is important to work on a smoother mobile experience.


Automated Assistance

The use of automated assistance will continue even more rapidly in 2018 than it did in 2017. E-commerce websites may want to adapt to customer wants of using voice search and personal assistant to make the purchase online. During the sale cycle, to handle customer service and other customer touch points, chatbots and other artificial intelligence tools will be taken into


Better User Experiences

To gain an edge over competitors, providing the best user experience is essential. This includes understanding the customer’s wants and needs, listening to them, and connecting with them to assist them during the purchase journey. Also required is to plan for long-term sustainability.


Platform and Device Integration

Do not limit to a single platform to connect to customers. With the multichannel and multi-device community that we have become, businesses need to deliver a seamless experience to the customer, irrespective of the platform or channel of connection. E-commerce strategies should hence work on this idea by making use of consistent design, storytelling, branding, messaging, advertising, promotions, navigation, etc. to provide for a great user experience to all.


Focus on Customer Experience

Both the points above focus on connecting the brand to the potential buyers to guide them through the experience, thus creating chances of overlaps. However, with how important positive customer experience is to your e-commerce business, these overlaps are essential to ensure that the customer needs are being met. Thus businesses with employees trained to handle these needs will succeed much more than businesses with employees that are concerned with ‘that’s not my job!’


Increased Luxury Market

It is one sector that is continually experiencing rapid online growth. With disposable income increased in both generational groups like millennial as well as in other countries, it is likely that a larger share of the market will be occupied by the luxury market segment in 2018.


Increased Video Content

According to current estimated, over 75% of the online consumer Internet traffic can be credited to video content. You then have to focus on whether you’re making the most of your video since it is not just affordable but also highly effective in driving business.


Creative Storytelling

For a business to showcase it’s brand more prominently, it may need to make use of creative storytelling to creatively engage and connect with consumers in an unusual manner. A creative storytelling experience helps the consumer connect with the brand instantly, often giving rise to conversions.


To conclude, we could say that 2018 may shape to be an unprecedented year for e-commerce and for your brand and business to succeed in their e-commerce ventures in 2018, these tips could come in handy.

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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