Preparing for SEO in 2017 and Predictions

Search engines are no different than you as they are always-evolving to make you work harder on the SEO strategies. As a marketer, you should be already prepared for the changes, which are actually the main part of search engine optimization. Discerning customers, clever competitors and algorithm updates arriving from Google are enough to raise tension.

To retain your competency and surviving in the online business, modern online marketing expertise and regular advancement in the same are unquestionably important. So, if you want a good way of preparing for SEO for the year 2017, here are some helpful predictions to solve your problems –

Voice Searches and conversational Queries will increase rapidly

People are referring to search engines in social ways and hence increasing the scope of voice searches. Seeing this, Amazon Echo and Google Home are the frequent examples of its increasing demand. Google voice is receiving 20% more traffic and this upward trend will continue this year also. There may be the need of sharing a vocabulary, containing microdata and keywords for better user experience. However, this increase will neither decrease the mobile nor desktop searches which are typed. But as it will proceed, the current SEO experts will face a shocking shift for sure.

Content will be the Major Conversion-dragger, as Usual.

Content is the king and it always will be. If you are posting credible and informative content which can benefit your users or grab their interest in anyways, you will survive – no matter which year is it.

Be creative, authentic and loyal while writing more than ever because that’s the only way to gain audience now. Algorithms are turning intelligent every day to recognize the black hat technique implementers and punishing them with penalties.

Mobile Friendliness and AMP will matter more, affecting your search engine ranking

Mobile responsiveness, user experience on mobile browsers, speed on mobile devices and AMP implementation will be some new metrics which will affect the site rankings. Stuffing long tail keywords, using unnecessary linking, cheap linking building practices are not going to work anymore.

Error-free, reader-friendly, visually-attractive, unique and powerful content has always led the searches on search engines and it will continue to happen in 2017 as well. Optimizing pages for mobiles, uploading useful and light-weight images will help the website owners, bloggers, and business owner. Using AMP will also yield benefits.

Page Rank Determination Methods will Change

The websites, which show complicated pop-over or other dialog boxes for high conversion rate, may drift towards reduced search engine ranking. Such things cause bad user experience. In these cases, how much area of mobile screen or desktop is covered and what’s the purpose of covering the content are some concerns which will play role in the search engine page rank determination.

Changes on SERP will increase opportunities for SEO Marketers (at least temporarily)

Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) is always a part of experimental which follows in Google. Now the technology giant is playing with the length of Meta titles and Meta descriptions. Last year, the length of these fields is increased, allowing SEO specialists to put in more keywords and thereby hack the search results by Google.

As this change is not embraced for all the websites and there is no clarification or announcement of the permanence of this rule, it looks challenging to take advantage of this opportunity.

Hybrid Campaigns will break down the barriers

Digital marketers are trying to fulfill the demands of online users in a scenario where the sophistication of technology is increasing day by day. Hybrid campaigns will be practiced by more than 75% of the marketers, instead of conventional desktop-based campaigns to acquire high conversion rate. Now mobile are being used widely. Users are making purchases, reading blogs, writing or doing other online activities through mobiles in the majority. So, it will cause in changing goals and campaign strategies. There will be modern marketing tactics, being deployed through multiple teams of marketers in collaboration.

Increasing Trend of Schema Markup

Schema markups are important to use in the digital world where trends and technologies are continually evolving. Using Schema or XMP sitemaps make it easier for the search engines to understand the structure of your website and thereby presenting it precisely to your views is possible.

Doing this also helps Google to answer the queries which come in the format of questions. The rich snippets are created for those questions by gathering information from the most relevant web page. The quick answers by Google have high chances of conversion than any other form of the search results so it is better to understand the importance of adding schema markup correctly in the beginning of this year.

Twitter will touch new heights Again

Twitter, after its fall in 2016, will again become the major traffic-driving force for the brands, businesses, and bloggers. It’ll remain the most popular network for the businesses and publishers due to the high conversion rate it delivers.

The SEM Factor

Search engine optimization is either organic or paid. It is found that a small number of ads on the top of the page yields higher conversion rate than showing a large number of the ads on the top. The later practice decreases the authenticity of search results and hence it is important to consider the importance of organic results right now.

Use a mix of paid and organic SEM which will result in better SEO ranking. Focus more on the content strategy in 2017 as it will make more difference than it ever did.

So, how are you preparing for SEO for 2017? What predictions your mind is coming up with? Don’t forget to tell us.

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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