Ranking in the Google Knowledge Graph

Anyone who has been familiar with the Internet for an extended period of time must have taken notice of Google offering additional knowledge about the search term than simply listing the websites as it previously did.

Not all this content is sponsored or for advertisement. If the search term is popular like a large business or a movie title, it is likely you will find some information along the right-hand side of the bar. This information is also known as the Knowledge Graph and a great way to get extra views is to be able to lad your page’s information thereby ranking well on Google.

The question then is, How to rank in the Google Knowledge Graph?

There’s much work required to land into the prestigious position of getting ranked in the Google Knowledge graph. For you to land there, Google’s crawlers need to be convinced of your worth, for which the basic needs to be fulfilled are:

– Highly active social media profiles

– A high authority page with structured data

– Branded Google+ profile

– Blogs that include multiple authors

– A Wikipedia page

– References, citations, and backlinks

While it is a tall order, the prestige involved too is huge and will add great value to the company or your personal brand and the real work involved is actually just doing things correctly in the first place.

This, however, you would not be able to achieve suddenly or over a month or two. This is infact a result of consistency, and all the steps involved would be more towards advancing your venture than achieving to rank on Google Knowledge Graph.

The key to feature however is to be sure that you are notable and good and whatever you’re doing. Hence, it will take time and diligence and wield an over the top amount of SEO power to rank you there and be recognized as an actual authority. The investment of effort is worth your time as even if you do not feature there soon enough, you will have attracted fantastic online habits to help your business in the long run.

The Advantages of Being Included

Most often, we are never surprised with what is featured on the Google Knowledge Graph. The graph isn’t there for all out searches, just popular ones for which stand-out quality of content is made available to you. So, if your brand or persona ends up landing there, it definitely adds a huge amount of credibility and authority you carry simply by the virtue of being recognized by Google as a successful venture. Moreover, it adds some priceless SEO real estate that will help your business flourish with future ventures.


Structure Your Data

To make things apparent to crawlers, it is essential that the data is structured so as to take the form of rich snippets.

Google has made it incredibly simple to find the code without being a coder. Hence, if you are unfamiliar with the Schema markup, then you might be looking to ease your work with the Structured Data Markup Helper, an easy-to-use utility from Google. In order to get things going, you need to select elements from your page and fill things correctly. A lot of folks do not have experience with this specialty branch of data and hence outsource it. However, with a little time and effort, is is surprisingly easy to learn and is likely to pay off pretty well.


Landing on Wikipedia

The hardest to achieve of all requirements to end up in the Knowledge Graph is to land on Wikipedia. While it may have crossed your mind to make a page yourself considering how anyone can edit Wikipedia, it is best you drop the idea. Not only are you likely to get bounced but you’ll make it harder for yourself to land there in the future.

You would need to be a brand or individual well noted by others to land on Wikipedia, and hence to try and achieve that, you are likely to improve your brand a worthy bit. So rather than taking the risk to be blacklisted, work on content that helps you get citations and being noteworthy enough to land on Wikipedia.



The basic currency unit of SEO, Backlinks have an incredible role to play with your rankings in almost all circumstances. Try and avoid any old school techniques like PBN’s anyhow. The backlinks you need should come from websites with high domain authority that are noteworthy enough and are known for hosting credible content. Thus, the key remain the same – of being notable and good at what you do.


Optimize your Google+ Page

With almost no consumers using Google+ as their primary social media, this can much be a sneaky trick by Google. In order to rank in the knowledge graph, your Google+ page must be active and taken care of. You must fill up almost all information about your business on the page to get things rolling.



To rank higher, reviews too are a key piece of currency. With most people seeking reviews before making consumer level decisions, they are becoming crucial to all businesses. Actively ask people to review your business as a large amount of positive reviews are likely to help you land a place on the Knowledge Graph over time.


Local Optimization

If your business targets a particular geographical region, your SEO must be optimized there as well. SEO priorities for local business are slightly different from those that function for worldwide audiences and it is important to learn how to drive larger amounts of traffic and raise your visibility by working on optimizing your business SEO locally.


Some words of encouragement

It is indeed an achievement to land on the knowledge graph, and not everyone will be able to achieve it. A lot of super successful businesses haven’t been able to either.

Thus, even if you don’t make it to the knowledge graph, every effort put in is never wasted, as it will only help your venture grow and thus attain better search rankings, traffic and visibility. And if you have all the requirements in place, who knows when Google decides to feature your content on their knowledge graph?

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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